Smite Free to Play

Smite is now free to play on Switch

After a period of closed beta testing at launch, SMITE went free to play on Nintendo Switch and it will include cross-play with PS4 and Xbox One players. Additionally, the owners of other consoles’ version can claim the game on Nintendo platform with all progress and gear shared.


On every other platform but Switch SMITE was free to play from the get-go, but the Switch version was previously available only by buying the Founder’s Pack DLC, which gave players instant access to every god, a Switch-exclusive skin and some gems to spend at your will. But now everyone can download the game and enjoy the battle of gods in MOBA format.

If you were certain SMITE was the game for you, the Founder’s Pack what is a decent investment, but now, free to play status allows the more reluctant players to try their hands in the multiplayer online battle arena. Whoever has a wish to try SMITE on Switch and find out which god is the best one, now you can download it from eShop.


SMITE is one of the best games in the genre of MOBA, although the grind you have to go through in order to earn skins tends to be tedious at times. However, the game is now free to play on all platforms, and if you bought the Founder’s Pack you will be in certain advantage compared to other players.