Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform to Bring Premium Features


Qualcomm has finally presented their first mobile platform in the new 700-tier portfolio – Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform. As announced by Qualcomm, the 710 Mobile Platform is going to introduce “premium-tier” to more mobile users. The chip will provide better battery life, artificial intelligence, camera capture, connectivity and other performance improvements.

In February this year, Qualcomm introduced its 700 Mobile Platform, which led to 710 Mobile Platform. The 700 series was intended to focus more on artificial intelligence and premium features, which will be completely achieved with 710 Mobile Platform. It has a multi-core AI Engine with neural network processing.

“By incorporating key AI capabilities and performance advancements, the Snapdragon 710 is designed to transform our customers products into the ultimate personal assistant, enhancing critical everyday consumer experiences, such as high-end camera features that will benefit from on-device high-speed AI processing, without sacrificing battery life,” said Qualcomm’s VP of Product Management Kedar Kondap.

The 710 series has twice as better performance in artificial intelligence applications than Snapdragon 660. Qualcomm highlight the voice and photo intelligence as the main features and will be the first to support 4K HDR playback, besides the 800-tier models.

Qualcomm is also proud that it will prolong battery life, resulting in 40% less usage of energy while playing 4K HDR videos and mobile games. Additionally, Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform also offers 20% decrease in energy during video streaming when compared to the 660 chipsets.

Quick Charge 4+ tech will shorten the charging time of your battery. Namely, in 15 minutes you will be able to charge 50% of your battery. Snapdragon X15 LTE modem will give you 800Mbps download speed, Bluetooth 5 and Qualcomm’s Broadcast Audio and TrueWireless Stereo Plus.

Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform is already available and will appear in user’s phones in the second quarter of this year.