Thursday, November 22

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4: What We Know and You Should, Too!


A PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man centric title has been in the works for several years now, with little to no details available to the public up to a few months ago. Now, with the game’s release scheduled for September, more and more info is starting to pour in. Here is what we know so far:

This is a brand new take on Spidey

According to Insomniacs, the studio behind this exclusive, the Spider-Man you’ll be guiding through the virtual New York is a bit older than his “Homecoming” counterpart – this Peter Parker is 23, so he’s been wearing the iconic red and blue suit for some eight years now.

Spider-sense gets you items

Speaking of eight years of crime fighting, one of the items that you’ll be able to gather while playing will be backpacks that Peter had scattered throughout the city. These will give you some valuable items, but an insight into his superhero past as well. Other collectibles will also be optional, with Spider- sense letting you know when something valuable might be nearby.

– More enemies than you can swing the web at

With great power comes… You know the rest. This also means that Spidey will be facing off against numerous enemies through the game. So far, we know that Kingpin, The Vulture, Electro, Negative Man and The Shocker will be making an appearance. But, since one of the cinematics that has been revealed shows Electro letting all of the inhabitants of the RAFT prison loose, who knows who else might get in Spidey’s way.

This version of New York is huge…

… but it’s not a one for one replica. Insomniac went on the record to say that their version of New York City has been shrunk down and changed in a way that would be best suited for a Spider-Man’s adventure. If you’ve seen “Homecoming” and that scene where Peter finds himself on the outskirts of the city and with no place to swing his web form, you’ll agree that this is a good thing.

Some city areas will be locked behind towers

There has already been much praise regarding the open-world nature of the new Spidey game. However, entire New York will not be instantly available to you. Instead, there will be a system of towers similar to those used in Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. You’ll have to find and activate certain hotspots in order to unlock another part of the city.

And more. So much more.

You’ll get to play some missions as Mary Jane. The Avengers just might make an appearance. Miles Morales will be in the game, though no one knows what his role will be. The game has a selfie mode. As Peter, you’ll meet his friends and family and get to do his job. Different Spider-Man costumes give you different abilities, and, and… Is it September yet?