Super Kickers League On Switch

Super Kickers League Trailer Shows a Football Game unlike You’ve Ever Seen Before

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to sample many bizarre versions of football, but Super Kickers League for Nintendo Switch promises to be unlike anything we’ve seen before. In case you aren’t familiar with it yet, this upcoming football-fantasy game by Spanish developer Xaloc Studios will take something mundane as “the beautiful game” and endow it with an arsenal of nifty tricks that will transport it right into the realm of uncanny and its seemingly ordinary players into superheroes.

If the developers from Xaloc Studios themselves are to be trusted, this supernatural football title will be something special: „Super Kickers League allows you to play crazy, 3 on 3 football matches, where the only thing that matters is scoring more goals than your opponent! Inspired by games like ‘Super Mario Strikers’ and ‘Soccer Brawl’, ‘Super Kickers League’ is a new concept, where competing with your friends will be more fun than ever. ‘Super Kickers League’ has great graphics, original retro music, and engaging gameplay.“

Even from this point, it’s obvious that the game will possess an element of freedom, unrestrained by all those boring rules regular footballers must adhere to. However, everything is elevated to an even higher level of entertainment (not to mention excessive unruliness) thanks to the fact that your rowdy characters in Super Kickers League will have a number of super moves at their command. Of course, on the first glance, available characters will be just your ordinary average Joe kids, wide-eyed and (mostly) innocent looking, but the recent trailer for Super Kickers League amply proves that there’s much more to them than meets the eye initially.

Super Kickers League Upcoming

The trailer showcases a number of attractive environments, from seaside shanty surfing settlement, through makeshift country football turfs, complete with barnyards and all, to lonesome neon-lit streets where the kids will demonstrate their soccer skills against each other. However, they also know a few special moves that will put even the likes of Ronaldo or Messi to shame. Just as he was chased by an opposing player, one of the kids activates some sort of super-speed dash that enabled him to rush and shoot the ball with the immense force. Other players did equally uncanny feats on the field, such as vanishing in the wisp of smoke and teleporting right behind their bedazzled opponent, wielding and tossing the entire cow, or summoning something that suspiciously resembles green toxic clouds at the rivaling teammates. And that’s just a mere glimpse of the things you’ll be able to do in Super Kickers League. The trailer also includes supersmacks, fireballs raining down from heavens, UFOs abducting players, even fabulous disco dancing with the sleek moves in the style of Disco Stu. And all that without any rules, referees and red cards!        

Want more? Well, Super Kickers League will deliver! On top of everything, developers say that the game will support three gaming modes. In the Teams mode, each team will be able to use only one special ability, while Kickers mode will apparently transform a humble football match in a genuine carnage because there you’ll be allowed to play exclusively with the team captains and have a mix of their various special abilities at your disposal with spectacular effects. Finally, the third mode won’t have a special influence on the gameplay itself, but will instead rely on a number of interesting visual effects. In short, this so-called Retro mode includes orthographic camera and pixel art graphics, which will be much appreciated by all retro-style aficionados out there.

Super Kickers League Nintendo Switch

Of course, the audio-visual component of the game will also be on point. The trailer also shows gorgeous and scrumptiously cute graphics with an addictive fast-paced musical score that will make feel as you’re in the crowd of the raucous football fans at the very moment when your favorite team had scored a decisive point. Super Kickers League is set to be released this spring and, judging by the trailer, at the very least the game itself will offer us high-octane action, addictive gameplay and bunch of attractive super-moves.