Super Mario Maker 2 Switch Review


Super Mario Maker 2 release date is set for June 28th, 2019, but we were among the lucky ones to get access to some gameplay footage already. With the success of the first Super Mario Maker, this sequel Super Mario Maker 2 Switch is eagerly awaited by everyone and so far, judging by the feedback of all respectable online sources who have had a taste of the game, it rocks!

Super Mario Maker 2 release date: June 28th, 2019

Nintendo completely owns every part of the production of this game, and its genre is called “level editor”, besides the usual platform. So, same as the first SMM, SMM2 will feature level designing and crafting your own adventures in Mario world. However, though it is not a new idea, this sequel expands on that concept greatly. It brings tons of new content, possibilities, and features.

Super Mario Maker 2 Switch will bring together all of the previous Super Mario adventures since the world’s most famous plumber debuted on the gaming screen in 1985. Also, the new levels will feature a 3D design that will allow the players to have a much wider array of possibilities for making it an interesting and versatile platforming experience. It will not just be a 2D side scroller as the players will be able to go forward and backward in levels, but also to the foreground and the background.

Gameplay and online features

As mentioned, Super Mario Maker 2 platform level editor will have its gameplay revolve mainly around either creating your own courses by using assets from virtually all titles of the Super Mario series franchise or playing other people’s creations.

However, the biggest and most delightful surprise about this upcoming game was that it would feature online play. And, Super Mario Maker 2 online mods included are Global play, which allows for Multiplayer Co-op and Versus modes, and Nearby Play, for Nintendo Switch LAN capability of course. However, according to some sources, the game only allows random online multiplayer teaming up, which came as a disappointment to many.

Super Mario Maker 2 graphics and appearance

Needless to say, this game’s looks are astonishing and cool. Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch will undoubtedly push the capability of its exclusive console to the limit. However, the best part about it, which will undoubtedly delight every Mario fan, is that each different version from the Super Mario series will feature its original graphics, including 8-bit for the first game. So, this suddenly raises the levels of immersion to a new level and additionally always keeps the game looking fresh and new, no matter how many times you play it.

The newer editions with modern Mario models look polished up to perfection, with a special emphasis on the level design and looks. Everything that is supposed to be sparkly and shiny looks that way, with the textures and the advanced lighting advanced to such a degree that you can even recognize and feel the materials from which some objects in the level are made of, like cardboard or aluminum.

Super Mario Maker 2 verdict

Lastly, Super Mario Maker 2 music score is composed by the Koji Kondo, the legendary Nintendo composer, which rounds up the entire game ensemble nicely. He already composed many tracks for Mario and the Legend of Zelda series. Super Mario Maker 2 Switch release date is soon upon us and the game will definitely win you over and keep you entertained for a long time if you are a Nintendo Switch owner.

9.0 Epic
  • Atmosphere 9
  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 9
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 5.9