Suzy Cube Review

Platformers haven’t usually lived up to their console fame on the mobile devices, most of the time the controls are too simplistic and feel awkward to play with, along with the limited hardware it doesn’t make for a good combo. And that’s just talking about the 2D platformers, 3D is on a whole different level, which made us skeptical about how well Suzy Cube will work.

Suzy cube comes from NorthernBytes Software with Noodlecake Studios publishing it. Noodlecake are pretty renowned amongst the indie mobile games publishers, known for Alto’s Adventure, Punch Quest, and Super stickman golf series, they have made quite a name for themselves.

This games’ release was heavily anticipated, and for good reasons, coming from a well-known games developer and with most people that have played the demo versions being impressed by the gameplay, as well as the game being stuck in development for 3 years, the question of whether or not it truly could live up to the hype comes to mind.

The gameplay is simple enough, your job is to get to the end of the stage before the time runs out while collecting as much stuff as you can. There are enemies, obstacles and general platforming that makes this game. There are 7 worlds, altogether adding up to 40 levels as well as boss fights after each world. And that’s where my main gripe with this game lies, the boss is the same for each world, he just has a different color scheme and a different pattern, he is still defeated in the same way.

The controls work extremely well, you drag your finger to where you want to go and tap to jump, to do other additional actions you double-tap, you can also click on the top part of the screen to pause. They are pretty standard for most games of this kind. Although this game doesn’t reinvent the wheel, the controls were, without a doubt, one of the developer’s main concerns, and the final product feels really well polished, I can’t really even think of a 3d platformer that controls this well with touchscreen controls.

Like most platformers of this type, there are powerups, some enabling you to double jump, others making it so you can destroy bricks. There is a large amount of diverse content that this game provides, with the level design being what makes the game so good. Each stage has its own character and specific gameplay, the camera is fixed and follows Suzy but it rarely feels like it’s stopping you from enjoying the game. It might sometimes intentionally hide a secret, but you will never feel like you can’t see the action happening.

Stylistically this game looks pretty good, everything is a cube but it’s done pretty well, I am usually not a big fan of the blocky art style, but in this case it doesn’t seem like it was just following a trend in hope of getting more sales, but rather a good choice for the type of game this is.

If you are a fan of platformers this is a perfect mobile game to pick up, it has enough content to keep you occupied for some time.

You can get Suzy cube on iOS App store, Google Play and Steam.

Suzy Cube Review



If you are a fan of platformers this is a perfect mobile game to pick up, it has enough content to keep you occupied for some time.

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