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iOS 13 is set to release today

iOS 13 set to release today

iOS 13 releases today and is available for download and install on your iPod Touch and iPhone! No iPad models are supported, however, for the iPadOS releases on September 30, on its own. However, all compatible iPod and iPhone devices will be able to upgrade to the latest operating system today. The new version was […]

Everything you need to know about iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Leaked Specs

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max all had their specifications leaked at once, but to no avail, because the pre-order starts on September 13 anyway, with the phone hitting the market on September 20, 2019. However, it is good to know we will get as high as 512GB of storage if […]

Apple and Samsung sued for the harmful radio frequency exposure

Samsung and Apple sued over harmful frequencies

Apple and Samsung were both sued for Handset RF Emissions, in the US. The lawsuit mentions iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone X from Apple, and Galaxy Note 8 and S8 from Samsung. The harmful levels of radio frequency (RF) the companies’ devices might be emitting are still undetermined, while the class-action suit is […]

Apple is offering $1 Million to anyone that manages to find a breach

Apple Security Bounty

Apple has just put up a bounty on flaws in iPhone Security systems. They are inviting all cyber security researches to find a flaw in the iPhone’s security system, and they have promised a record bounty of $1M to the one who manages to find a crack. This represents the largest reward that a single […]

Apple got smartphone modem division from Intel

Intel 5G Modem

Apple has bought Intels Smartphone Modem Division recently and the news broke the tech world, mainly because the price was no less than $1 Billion. Yes, the purchase happens just three months after the dispute with Qualcomm ended, and now Apple immediately asked one of its biggest rivals on the market to marry. Intel is […]

Apple denies prioritizing their own apps over those of competition


Allegations about the iTunes App Store bias search results directed at Apple were strongly denied. Recent allegations were calling the provider out on favoring its own apps in the search results. As proof against the allegations and claims, Apple has disclosed a total of 42 different factors that are all used in determining the App […]

First 2020 iPhone talks and rumors

iPhone 2020 Leak

iPhone 11 release date is set for November 3rd, 2019, but iPhone 2020, next year’s upcoming models, is already stealing its thunder. The first features are slowly emerging and the rumors about its features give an outstanding sales prognosis. The spotlight is certainly to be vacant until 2020, but next year’s flagship requirements might’ve just […]

Apple revealed Government requests for removal of apps with unlawful content

Apple App Removal

In a recent public announcement, Apple revealed that China has asked their help in removing 517 apps from the iTunes App Store that are considered to have ‘unlawful’ content. Unlawful might just be a technical term, for according to the press release it concerns mostly third party apps. Apps are otherwise under regular check for […]

$500 Million For Apple Arcade So Far

Apple Arcade Teaser - Where Cards Fall

According to the latest sources, the upcoming Apple’s video game subscription service, Apple Arcade, has so far amassed $500M in investments. Now, this also includes getting approximately 100 games off the ground and ready for when Apple Arcade release date finally arrives. The story broke through Financial Times which proved reliable the last time we […]

Apple announces its premium gaming subscription service – Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade Announced

One of the most popular types of services lately is subscription, and it seems that everyone is putting it everywhere, regardless of the appropriation. On the other hand, Apple was always a company that liked to cash in on trends, therefore it wasn’t surprising to hear rumors they are planning to announce their own subscription […]