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You think Apple has a smartphone with the quickest trend growth in the US? Think again

Google VS Apple

Last week, Strategy Analytics published its report on the fastest-growing US smartphone brand. Although full report is only available for their clients, they did share the overall conclusion with the public. “Google Pixel is now the fastest-growing major smartphone brand in the United States. Like Apple, Google is targeting rich Americans with rich eSIM devices […]

The USA vs. China Phone Wars – Round 3

USA VS China Phone Wars

It’s another round in the ongoing feud between USA and China regarding Huawei and other smartphone vendors. This time, the US Department of Justice charged this Chinese tech company with obstruction of justice, stealing of trade secrets and wire fraud. Based on the 10 counts of the indictment, the US Government believes that Huawei committed […]

USA vs China Phone Wars – Round 2

The tech conflict between USA and China doesn’t seem to tone down. After being declared national security threat, Huawei and ZTE, both prominent Chinese manufacturers, are looking at the ban to buy parts which are made in the USA. This is all stated in the proposed legislation a few days ago by a bipartisan group […]

USA and China phone boycotting – Apple vs Huawei

Huawei VS Apple

The ongoing feud between USA and China seems to be heating up although it already had some serious financial consequences. At the beginning of December, Canada authorities acted on the US warrant and arrested Meng Wanzhou a senior executive from Huawei and daughter of the company’s founder. This has made the ill-environment created by the […]

Apple Writes Off iPad’s Slight Bend as Defect

Ipad Pro Bending

If you notice your iPad Pro has a slight bend, apparently there is nothing to worry about according to Apple. The company described this as a normal side effect of the manufacturing process which will in no way affect the tablet’s functionality or get worse. The bend is noticeable when observing the aluminum chassis from […]

Apple is giving us 5 reasons why their new iPad is better than a computer

Apple Promoting Ipad Pro

Despite all their qualities and a rightful place they hold in the IT world, Apple as a company had always acted with a mixture of swagger, charisma, arrogance, aggressive marketing and something resembling a mild messianic complex. Sure, while some confidence is always a good thing, especially when you have to sell a product, that […]

Google willing to pay Apple 9 billion for a small favor

google apple safari

How much is it worth to be number one? How important is it? Well, it appears that the internet giants are throwing massive money boulders at each other again, as this time the damage is somewhere in-between $ 9 and $ 12 billion. It is still an unconfirmed rumor, but Goldman Sachs, a Wall Street […]

Apple Watch Series 4 Sales Exceed Expectations

apple watch series 4

Apple started shipping its watch series 4 on September 21, just a few days ago, and its sales already exceed expectations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oigKwLa2yyA The high sales have surpassed the current production capacities of Apple’s assembly partner Quanta Computer in China. Thus, the company will have to use Compal Electronics as a secondary assembler with the start […]

What’s new in IOS12?

ios 12 apple

Apple has finally introduced the grouped notifications feature that groups five or more notifications from a single app into one. If that is not good enough for you, there is a new, Instant Tuning feature which makes it possible not only to turn off notifications from a selected app, but also to have them delivered […]