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6 Best Low-Spec Browser Games You Should Be Playing

6 Best Low-Spec Browser Games

The world of gaming is quickly turning into a technological race for the best features, latest equipment, and highest-quality graphics. Unfortunately, this causes a dilemma for gamers who can’t afford the best hardware and software. If you’re one of these gamers, read on to find some of the best games that even your junky old […]

Diablo 2 Producer Talks About Diablo Immortal and Current Blizzard Politics

diablo immortal

One of the greatest qualities Blizzard had as a video game developer was extraordinary ability to tune into the needs of their fans and take a creative direction that will appeal to them, even before receiving their feedback. And even when there would be some space for corrections, Blizzard would always take their well-meant critiques […]

Diablo Immortal is coming to Android and iOS

diablo immortal

It was just a matter of time. We were waiting for it, hoping for it, some of us were even prepared to sell our souls to the nether forces for it, but the grand prize is finally within our grasp. It’s official: on BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremony the new Diablo game called Diablo Immortal was […]

Diablo and Torchlite developers made the new company – Monster Squad Games

Diablo and Torchlite developers made the new company - Monster Squad Games

While there have been some considerable layoffs in the gaming industry recently, others decide to form alliances. That is what happened when former developers of Diablo and Torchlight created Monster Squad Games. This new company includes former Runic Games head Marsh Lefler, as well as high-positioned employees Allen Fong, John Dunbar, and Patrick Blank. Monster […]

Blizzard Cools Off Fans Expecting New Diablo

diablo IV

On November 2, fans will have a chance to attend highly anticipated BlizzCon, an event when all things Blizzard come to life. But there is one thing that fans won’t get – new Diablo game material, features and announcement. A few days ago, Blizzard issued a statement on their website which addressed the rumors that […]

Vampire’s Fall: Origins – A Diablo I-Like RPG with Bloodsuckers

Vampire's Fall Origins

Mobile games try really hard to resemble the ones on PC and consoles. While some turn out as a success thanks to the developer’s knowledge of the media, others are an epic fail. And then, there are games that are visibly inspired by the older titles but tend to look good on mobile devices. Vampire’s […]