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The Witcher series official teaser was just dropped by Netflix

Netfliks Witcher Series

Finally, The Witcher series official teaser trailer shows us a little more than just photos of Henry Cavil…it shows us his beefbuzz biceps! Okay, all jokes aside, the critically acclaimed book and game franchise is coming to Netflix in late 2019, and as we approach the release date, the unveiling of the characters and the […]

CD Projekt Red porting The Witcher 3 to Nintendo Switch? – Switcher

Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch

Almost two months since the first rumors that The Witcher 3 will be potentially making an appearance on Nintendo Switch, the gaming community had been radically divided into two opposing camps, with optimists and naysayers verbally beating the living daylights out of each other with more passion than Northern Kingdoms opposed the army of Nilfgaard. […]

Ciri and Yennefer Actresses Revealed

the witcher

Remember that, by now already infamous, leak from about month ago when it seemed that Netflix intended to recruit a BAME actress for the role of Ciri? The gaming community and Witcher fandom reacted with what can only be described as a violent and righteous uproar, preparing to rain down fire and brimstone on the […]

Author of Witcher wants more money


Andrzej Sapkowski wants more money from CD Project RED The author of The Witcher books, Andrzej Sapkowski, is seeking more money from CD Projekt Red after the success of their video game adaptations. To explain the circumstances of this news better, we have to go back to the year 2000, where Sapkowski famously undersold the […]