Pre-registration for Talking Tom Hero Dash is now open


Talking Tom and Friends, the smash-hit global sensation, is set to receive a superhero makeover with Talking Tom Hero Dash, an action-packed endless runner which has just entered pre-registration.

Talking Tom Hero Dash sees Talking Tom and his friends take up the role of caped crusaders when a villainous rabble of raccoons decide to run amok around the world, vandalizing precious monuments and kidnapping Tom’s superhero companions in the process. The game features 3-lane endless runner mechanics spanning across 5 different worlds inspired by real-world exotic locations, including a bustling metropolis like New York City and epic locations influenced by Ancient Egypt and Ming Dynasty China. In each location, you will need to traverse the picturesque environments, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, and taking out the nefarious raccoons along the way. Once you’ve earned enough loot to repair all the damage the raccoons have caused, you’ll encounter a boss raccoon – the last hurdle to overcome in order to rescue one of your friends and unlock the next stage.

Your reunited companion will also be unlocked and become immediately playable with their own unique superhero costume, powers, and abilities. There are five characters in total with Talking Angela, Talking Ben, Talking Hank, and Talking Ginger joining Tom in his quest to put a stop to the evil raccoons.

This is the very first superhero-themed title in the popular franchise, and to further explore Tom’s new superhero universe in all the detail it deserves, Outfit7 has created a brand new, action-packed animated series called Talking Tom Heroes that you can watch now on YouTube.

But Tom and his friends need the power of millions to help them save the world. So head over to the official Talking Tom website and pre-register now! If 3 million heroes pre-register, then Outfit7 will gift everyone a limited edition outfit when the game launches. It’s the perfect kit you need to defeat the raccoons!