Talking Tom pok-a-tom event

Talking Tom is 10 Years Old!

The Talking Tom franchise is celebrating its 10th birthday this summer, and the company is showering us in coins. Their latest installment, My Talking Tom Friends, came out just over a month ago and already has over 100 million downloads. Now, Outfit7 Limited is organizing an unlimited Poke-a-Thon event for coin giveaways and more, as the celebration has begun!

Outfit7 Limited has invited all of the players from all communities around the world to partake in their 10th-anniversary celebration for Talking Tom. The game debuted globally in 2010, in July, and it has quickly become a worldwide sensation. After 10 years, the company boasts some 13 billion total game purchases and downloads. Thus, they are marking this 10-year milestone generously, with a POK-A-TOM event and a challenge that is pretty much self-explanatory. It is called:

Can fans poke Tom 10 billion times in 10 days?

Talking Tom pok-a-tom event

The entire event takes place and includes 4 titles from the Talking Tom franchise:

  • Talking Tom Cat
  • My Talking Tom
  • My Talking Tom 2
  • My Talking Tom Friends

So, not to worry, the widest audience is included as these 4 titles are the most popular and have active communities today. For all of these 4 titles, during this anniversary celebration, players will see a displayed digital POK-A-METER on the official Outfit7 website. As the challenge nears it and, if we make it to 10 billion or more pokes, every player that has poked Tom will get a generous in-game currency bundle for his or her respective game (one of the 4 mentioned).

The reward also grows as the poking user count grows and the Outfit7 has this message for us:

“Fans have poked Tom almost too many times to count since 2010. Over 400 million fans play with the games every month, so we wanted them to be included in the celebration by doing more of what they love – and getting fun rewards to enjoy with Tom in return!” – Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7

Talking Tom pok-a-tom event

Our bellowed character Tom has changed noticeably over the past decade. He has inspired the Talking Tom and Friends franchise that now counts 23 mobile games in total, along with digital video content that counts some 56 billion views. There is even a Talking Tom movie currently in development, while the original Talking Tom Cat game was named one of Android’s “Most Downloaded Games of All Time”.

However, one hallmark still stays above all those impressive figures – fans love poking Tom. So, Outfit7 is inviting everyone to stretch their fingers and celebrate the 10th anniversary with the POK-A-TOM event and just poke, poke, poke! If you are a returning fan, many of the titles can be found on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store games. The franchise and the company remain one of the world’s fastest-growing and most successful.