Tencent is making a phone?


Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Tencent developing its own gaming phone. According to Chinese Media 36Kr, Tencent is negotiating with some of the ODMs (original design manufacturers), and if what they’re saying is true, their phone could hit the markets in the upcoming years.

Apparently, Tencent’s phone will have a Qualcomm processor and one of the ODMs they are negotiating with will provide them with the necessary hardware. The word is they’re in contact with Asus, Xiaomi and Razer. As it appears, they are still negotiating and it’s not yet clear which one of these manufacturers they’ll choose to cooperate with nor is it certain if the phone will be branded under Tencent’s name or by both Tencent’s and ODM’s.

Another interesting information is that the phone will be optimized for Tencent’s games. This means that those games will run better on their phone and will likely have some additional cool features unavailable on other devices. It is widely known that currently, Tencent is #1 on the mobile gaming scene. Some of Tencent’s most popular mobile titles are Arena of Valor (Honor of Kings), PUBG Mobile and many others. If we take into consideration the number of players that are playing their titles, and the fact that they could easily implement some nice additional features, only available on their phone, it could be one of the main selling points for their new device.

Still, it is very difficult to compete in the smartphone market. Many have tried and failed so far, and if Tencent decides to go through with their idea, it’s definitely going to be a very bold move. However, given the fact that so far they’ve been very successful in nearly every field they tried, it is safe to assume that this project has a lot of potential.