Game Awards 2018

The biggest announcements from the Game Awards show

Another game Awards show is over, and it definitely turned a global attention toward itself. Not only because the Game Awards is the gaming equivalent to the Oscars, but also due to the fact that the biggest names in interactive entertainment tend to use this event for the promotion of their games. There are new trailers, game announcements, and other surprises put in between proclamations of the winners. This year we have seen some really big and important announcements from Epic Games, Ubisoft, and a bunch of Indie developers. We tried to pack them all in one article, in case you missed to watch the event live.

Simogo is making another stylish new game called Sayonara Wild Hearts, which is confirmed to come out for the Nintendo Switch next year. Simogo is known for their cult hits like Device 6 and The Sailor’s Dream. The developers described their new game as, quote, “a euphoric music video dream about being awesome, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, dance battling, shooting lasers, wielding swords, and breaking hearts at 200mph.” We don’t about you, but we were bought.  

Epic Games recently announced that they will be opening a digital storefront for PC and Mac games, serving as a competition to Steam. Just two days later, the store is live and it has a bunch of high profile Indie titles, among them Ashen, Super Meat Boy and Darksiders 3.  

Speaking of Ashen, this isn’t an Xbox One exclusive anymore. Being in development for more than four years, it was initially announced for the Microsoft console, and it had a surprise launch on Epic’s new game store and Xbox One. This fantasy adventure game seems to be inspired by Dark Souls and Team ICO classic games.

By the way, do you remember Journey? This game became an instant hit when it was released on the PlayStation 3, 6 years ago. This game was a truly transcendent experience with its mystic narrative, stunning visuals, an amazing multiplayer element. Until today, this game was a PlayStation exclusive, having only a PlayStation 4 port. And now is going to be available on PC too, via new Epic’s play store. It will be available in one moment during the next year.

Supergiant Games become known for their isometric action role-playing games, like Bastion and Transistor. Their next game was a pretty radical change in tone and execution, a fantasy story about a basketball game called Pyre. Seemingly, Supergiant Games are coming back to the roots with the announcement of their next game, Hades. In this game, you will fight with the denizens of the underworld, with a titular Hades as the main villain. The game is already available in Epic’s game store, although only early access version.

We also got a trailer for the new Far Cry game, Far Cry: New Dawn. If you remember the end of the Far Cry 5 (and you probably do considering how shocking it was), this game takes place in the aftermath of that apocalyptic ending. New Dawn offers a drastic change in tone and style. There was a slight controversy about the game art, in which two black women were portrayed shooting a tied white man with crossbows. There are speculations that those two women will be the main villains of this game. We will not have to wait too long to find out if it’s true since the game will be out on February 15th next year.

Nintendo Switch got its first Marvel exclusive, made by the Ninja Gaiden and Nioh developer Team Ninja. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a combination of platform and the developer we haven’t seen since Metroid: Other M.

Obsidian Entertainment, the Legendary RPG game developers, came back with the new game called The Outer Worlds. The trailer looks a lot like Fallout: New Vegas, with space western,  intergalactic travels, and all manner of sci-fi technology. Obsidian has been a torch holder for the traditional RPG games, and it seems that this game will be something new for the studio.

We all remember the disappointed we felt after the initial version of No Man’s Sky, but Hello Games took their time and effort into redeeming the game and making it into one of the most ambitious exploration games ever. The Last Campfire is a big change, as it presents an intricate and personal approach to the story, taking a lot from Pixar Shorts.

New Mortal Kombat game is on its way, and it looks appropriately brutal. Unfortunately, save from the short trailer we don’t have any info what this game is about. Judging from what we have seen, it looks like that the story will involve the elements of time travel again. We will have to wait until the January 17th for the proper reveal, and the game itself will launch on April 23rd.

Bioware is also trying to repair their reputation after a massive failure of Mass Effect Andromeda. After a story trailer for Anthem, Bioware reminded their fans that Dragon Age is still alive with some short teasers that showed literally nothing except for a fact that the game is on the way.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate got its first DLC character, and it’s a huge surprise. Namely, it’s Joker from Persona 5, which isn’t even available for Switch. Nevertheless, the slick and stylish Joker seems quite belonging in the SSBU lineup. We’re sure that he will bring some great music with him.

And that’s about it, concerning the announcements at the Game Awards event. Both big studios and indie developers took their chance to present their work and raise the hype level for their new games. Each of the games presented here has the potential to become the game changer or at least very successful. We will keep following the progress of each of those games, and inform you about it in the upcoming months.