Lenovo Smartphone

The first phone with Snapdragon 855 will be released on January 29th

The latter half of the last year was brimming with rumors about the first smartphones with the latest 7nm Snapdragon 855 processors. The phone companies went into a competition about who will deliver the first phone with the latest Snapdragon chipset.

And now we know the winner. Lenovo’s Z5 Pro GT is the first phone that will contain Snapdragon 855 and it will also be the first phone to have 12 gigabytes of RAM. This will be the first commercial release device that will contain both the 855 chipsets and that amount of RAM. And we even have the release date; Z5 Pro GT will hit the shelves starting with January 29th.

Lenovo with Snapdragon 855

The first country this phone will be launched is, unsurprisingly, China. Z5 Pro GT will be available at 10 a.m. with four available memory configurations. The top model will reportedly have 12 gigabytes RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage, and it’s expected to cost $649, which doesn’t sound much in US standards, but for a China-made brand is top shelf.

The other three models are the various stages of compromises in order to achieve a lower price threshold. A good example is 6.4″ OLED screen which is a flagship material, but it only supports 1080p FHD+ resolution. Which is actually good, because the 3350 mAh battery wouldn’t last very long with a higher resolution screen. Concerning the cameras, there is a double dual setting, with 24 +16 megapixel snappers on the back and 16+8 megapixels at the front, which is quite competitive even at the flagship standard.

It will be pretty exciting to see what the new Lenovo smartphone has to offer. On the paper, it all sounds amazing, but we will postpone glorifying this phone for a couple of weeks until it becomes publicly available.