The most viewed Mobile esport of 2018

Is there a sure way of separating good games from the bad ones? I often think about it, but finding an answer is not always straight forward because it depends on the game genre. For competitive games this is relatively simple, one just has to follow what the global audience is saying and the viewership numbers for 2018 are loud and clear.

I was almost sure Clash of Clans or some of the battle royale titles were to lead the pack…oh boy was I wrong! Following the Esports Charts, (check the link for more interesting stats about events, tournaments and other) an analytical service in the business of investigating esports trends, the final score caught me off-guard, at least until I had time to think about it.

ESC Stats 2018 esport viewership

75% of an entire mobile e-sports scene does make a statement. Be it a statement of quality or just recognition to Tencent for being an early adopter of the relatively young branch of sport, 75% of anything is a massive number.
It is obvious Timi Studios / Tencent have a lot more to work on because some of the features are stale and with rewards that haven’t changed for almost a year (looking at the “Lucky Spin” and 60 Ryoma trial cards I have). Having said that I recognize the job around hero balance was very well done (yes, the new characters are kinda imbalanced, but again that is the standard case with every MOBA). The old and underwhelming heroes are gradually receiving buffs, while the strong ones are being nerfed. This seems like common sense policy, but it is not what most developers are living by.

For a mobile game that is Not pay-to-win, that is not marketed to an extent some other titles are, Arena of Valor / Kings Glory is surely something to behold. It is definitely a quality product and the gaming audience recognize that fact.

Well played Tencent / Timi studios, well played.