Theatre Tales launches on Switch


Theatre Tales Switch by Baked Games Studios lets younger players enjoy the virtual theater of puppets and learn all the magnificent fairy tales. The Digital Theatre Tales Switch release date is set for tomorrow, April 24, 2019. The production promises to bring fun to the youngest of us, while still keeping its allure.

Baked Games is a Polish studio which is credited with creating Theatre Tales game. This fairy tale magical journey was brought on Nintendo Switch by Ultimate Games S.A. however. The game does indeed target pre-schoolers. Its concept is deliberately aimed at genuine puppet traditional theatres. The stylish graphics the game possesses, the sound effects, and the virtual puppets models make the gaming experience pretty immersive, even for older players.

Theatre Tales is accessible and easy to pick up, as the developer’s guarantee, and it will enchant younger audiences with its fairy tale atmosphere. It will also introduce famous fairy tale characters, like the Little Red Riding Hood, while the players will participate in various friendly mini-games. The controls are also simple and intuitive, so no one should have trouble picking it up.

Theatre Tales Switch features:

  • Children’s Fairy Tale adventure
  • The Puppet Theater
  • Intuitive and accessible controls
  • Lots of mini-games
  • Incredibly advanced graphics

As of 24th this month, the game will grace the market and be in the education for family and children genre. Baked Games signs on the producer line, Ultimate Games S.A. as the publisher, and Theatre Tales Switch game will undoubtedly be among those few not meddled with due to the fans pressuring the reviewers and online sites.