This is the Police On Mobile

This is the Police Finally Coming to Mobile Next Month

Earlier this year, the gaming community had some idea that THQ Nordic’s This is the Police might be coming to iOS and Android platforms. After all, the developer listed it as such on their own website, although they didn’t provide any official announcements or confirmations. But finally, this week a subsidiary of THQ Nordic, HandyGames confirmed the game will be out for mobile devices and the release date is actually pretty close – December 13.

This is the Police is a story of police chief Jack Boyd who has to collect $500,000 in 180 days when he will go into retirement. The player assumes the role of Boyd who is trying to handle all sorts of the morally challenging situation from dealing with Mafia to corrupt cops. So, you are not going to be concentrated on defending the citizens of Freeburg as much as you will have to deal with big crooks and A-list criminals. John St. John, a man who lent his voice to Duke Nukem, will do the voiceover for Chief Boyd.

Even the game starts off with a note waiting for Boyd in his office and hassling him to do a favor for a crime boss. You will have to face some harsh circumstances since Boyd is also despised by the Mayor and the city hall after a bad outcome of an investigation. Actually, they are the reason he is going to retire in the first place.

John St. Jonh’s deep voice adds a lot to the character of Chief Boyd turning him into a truly compelling antihero. And finally, iOS and Android users will have a chance to play this interesting and thrilling title, especially those who enjoy a good crime story.

The greatest thing about this news is that the game will come without any ads or IAP and HandyGames plans to make a lot of premium games in this way. The game will cost $7.99/£6.99 once it comes out, but based on the reviews, it’s worth the price.