Tiny Room Stories Review

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Review

Tiny Rooms Stories: Town Mystery mobile is a new puzzle game that, at first glance, looks like it is pushing the boundaries of the genre. After a few minutes of playing, it appears as if it brought together elements of a detective noir genre, a bit of Sims flavor, and all that with some pretty intricate puzzling mechanics. In fact, this game could, in all honesty, be considered as an IQ test of sorts, for it requires logic, geometry, perception, quick reasoning, and thinking outside the box, and on all its sides also.

Development and reception

On Google Play, Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Android is killing it at the moment, with overly positive reviews and quite the following. The game currently has 4.8 stars, from almost 20 thousand votes, and a vast majority of them is 5-stared. Its gameplay, graphics, and controls are all voted above 2.5 stars, which is an excellent average score. This new jewel is the work of Kiary games, which is a two man studio from Siberia, Krasnoyarsk. In the words of these two gentlemen: “We love what we do, just try and you will love it too”.

The story

You actually play as a private detective in this game. However, you are not on some gruesome crime investigation, but your mystery takes you rather closer to home. In fact, it takes you to your childhood home, after you receive a letter from your father. He asks for your immediate presence, with no further explanation, and our gameplay starts already there, as you drive in your car and have to find your way through a road obstacle.


This game is in its essence a puzzler, but it uses advanced geometrical and logical problems, which are at the same time so intuitive and so immersive, that you will literally feel smarter as you go along. You will also feel your reasoning and perceptive abilities being tested to the limits, as everything you are presented with in this game is a clue and can probably be interacted with.

The basic layout for the game consists of chunks or blocks, that represent a certain room of field you are placed in. The exit is usually your immediate goal and you need to figure out how to go through it. For instance, after you arrive to your parents’ house, the driveway is your first level or chunk as we called it. Nobody is answering and the door is locked, so you now have to find a way inside.

Now, as you begin to pay closer attention, you find items like the mailbox, ladder, and stuff that you pick up and use appropriately, with a simple click. However, the most important thing that entirely twists this puzzler into an endless stream of possibilities is that you can rotate the map view, or the view of the current chunk you are at. Every object and every wall or fence, everything rotates in 3D, accordingly, and presents you with another set of clues and puzzles.

You can also do lots of other stuff, like turn the lights on and off, break computer passwords, read important documents, repair electricity, and do lots of other stuff, all with the goal of getting through to your objective. It quickly becomes quite intricate and complicated, but also intuitive, logical, and immersive. For instance, there’s an object on the roof and a ladder on the other side of the house. Of course you will pick it up and use it to reach the object, and while you are at it, you can also fix the antenna, because the TV in the house is not working. After its fixed, it shows you a security footage of a secret code the owner of the house used before, and so on…


Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery mobile game looks basic, with crude textures and simple shapes and colors. However, it is meant to be this way, just like the IQ test presents you with basic shapes and problems that involve just bare reasoning and imagination. An IQ test doesn’t concern itself with its graphics capability and neither does this game. However, its rotation view capability does multiply its capability indefinitely and really adds to the pot, and who knows what other delights lie in later stages of the game, because in all honesty we still haven’t figured them all out yet.



As a mental exercise, an immersive and highly rewarding experience, Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery truly scores big time. The game does everything to make you feel engaged and rewarded for constantly staying focused on the problem. And, it is all followed up with a cool detective story which really gives the feeling of reading a mysterious detective novel, but also living it through. The game is quite fun and an awesome experience, we highly recommend it!

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Review



The game is quite fun and an awesome experience, we highly recommend it!

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