Top 10 grossing F2P and P2P Games of 2019

Another year has gone by and the numbers are here. We saw a lot of new and interesting titles in the past year, and here are some of the most successful ones, at least when it comes to earnings. These are separated into two categories, one for Free-to-play, and another for Pay-to-play games. 

Top 10 grossing Free-to-play games of 2019:

  1. Fortnite: $1.8B 
  2. Dungeon Fighter Online: $1.6B 
  3. Honor of Kings: $1.6B 
  4. League of Legends: $1.5B
  5. Candy Crush Saga: $1.5B 
  6. Pokémon GO: $1.4B 
  7. Crossfire: $1.4B 
  8. Fate/Grand Order: $1.2B 
  9. Game for Peace: $1.2B 
  10. Last Shelter: Survival: $1.1B

As we can see from the list, Fortnite is still holding strong on the top spot with $1.8B, which is no surprise, given its overall popularity. In 2nd place, we got Dungeon Fighter Online with $1.6B, which is an impressive number, especially given the fact that the game was initially released over 14 years ago. Honor of Kings is just behind it with $1.6B, proving that MOBA genre is still immensely popular. Speaking of MOBAs, League of Legends is on the 4th spot with $1.5B, closely followed by Candy Crash Saga on the 5th spot.


As for the Pay-to-play (aka premium titles) here is the list containing Top 10 P2P games by earnings:

  1. FIFA 19: $786M 
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: $645M 
  3. Grand Theft Auto V: $595M 
  4. FIFA 20: $504M 
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: $487M 
  6. NBA 2K19: $370M 
  7. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: $370M 
  8. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege: $358M 
  9. Borderlands 3: $329M 
  10. Sims 4: $311M

As we can see, FIFA 19 is tightly holding onto the first spot with $786M earned. On the 2nd place, we have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with $645M which is an impressive number given that the game was released just before the end of October. GTA5 is on 3rd spot with $595M, proving that this Rockstar’s masterpiece is still immensely popular, despite being over 6 years old. In 4th place, we have FIFA 20 with $504M earned, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is holding onto the 5th place with $487M.


As we can see from the lists, it is apparent that Free-to-play games are dominating the charts, and are undoubtedly more popular among gaming audience. It remains to be seen what 2020 has in store, but judging by the numbers, it is safe to assume that Free-to-play games will continue growing and expanding even more so than before.