Top 5 Mobile Games 2019-1

Top 5 August Mobile Games

1. Dead Cells

An old school pixel art action platform – need we say more? Dead Cells, the Motion Twin’s incredible new take on the entire genre mash-up, broke all boundaries. Including all platform versions of the game, it has sold in over 2 million units and was nominated for the “Best Indie Game” award at the 2018 Ping Awards. It also earned second place at IGN’s Best Action Game, at the 2017’s Awards. The title eventually won the “Best Action Game” award at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards and earned many other awards and nominations.

It is best described as a ‘roguevania’, but the subtle nuances intertwined with crazy unique action and the flavor this game has, offer an entirely epic experience on all platforms. Top marks to Motion Twin for development and publishing of Dead Cells, the roguelike-Metroidvania!

2. One Punch Man: The Road to Hero

One Punch Man video game – need we say more? This title was developed by OASIS GAMES and is a prime example of how an adaptation of original material needs to be handled. For One Punch Man: The Road to Hero mobile game, OASIS employed the original creators and the original voice cast. And, the game follows the entire story of the Manga and Anime, chapter through a chapter. Of course, it does expand a bit on the story by exploring some supporting characters. Also, the game offers various modes and plenty of content, so it’s not just Saitama going around destroying everything in one punch. Lots of fun and faithful to the source material!

3. Brave Conquest

Okay, this game technically came out in July, but since it didn’t make it in time for our July list, we felt an honorable mention at least is in order. It is so incredibly good and well developed, that IGG.COM really outdone themselves. IGotGames studio really improved on all their previous strategy installations and on the genre in global. But, it’s not just the awesome graphics, the endless content, the best gameplay combination of strategy and idle seen so far, and the most immersive experience in a mobile strategy in years. It’s the game’s ‘no pay to win’ policy that hooked us. In Brave Conquest mobile, you can always stay engaged, without spending a single dime and the game just keeps getting better and better, as opposed to other mobile strategy games that become a money-eating machine in late game and nothing more.

4. Trail Boss

The simple but ingenious way Trail Boss approaches simulating an extreme sport on a mobile device alone is enough to earn the game its spot on our list of August picks. Out only for a week, this game already amassed a following and reaped positive reviews on both Android and iOS. It comes from Yeah US!, the creators of Pumped BMX game, and even though that title also had commercial and critical success, they wouldn’t quit improving it. This paid off, as with this title, you get the experience of what Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was back in the day, but with improved mechanics and in your pocket, so go figure.

5. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Improving an existing genre is admirable and notable, but creating something entirely new is incredibly hard and dangerous. Xigma Games developed The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands as an interesting new take on the strategy genre. The game features a quite cryptic atmosphere and seemingly simple gameplay. But, what seems minimalistic at first glance soon develops into an incredibly immersive experience, as you evolve your den, employ workers, manufacture gear, gather resources, and eventually take on the gods themselves. Yeah, that escalated quickly… This game burdens you with all the responsibility you would have if you are to build a settlement out in the wilderness, in the cold freezing middle of nowhere.