Top 5 Mobile Games November

Top 5 Mobile Games for November

Another month has passed and another impressive selection of video games made it to our site. Without being bias or anything, we would like to present our Top 5 Mobile Games for November pick, judging by the reception of the audience and how well the game grasps with what it attempts to do, in our opinion. We won’t be counting in graphics or appearance – some games go for a better look and some remain minimalistic – it’s not a basis to judge a game no more than a book by its cover. Also, we will be counting in both free-to-play and premium titles.

Might and Magic: Era of Chaos

Might and Magic Era of Chaos

The fans of the series, Heroes 3 in particular, have been eager for a long time now for Ubisoft to bring the franchise to mobile and their perseverance finally pays off. Might and Magic: Era of Chaos may involve gatcha into the mix, but it pays homage to the old school games as well,  bringing characters, units, many features, and even sounds from Heroes of Might and Magic 3, arguably the most popular of all the series’ titles.

The story centers on familiar characters like Queen Catherine Gryphonheart, Gelu, Sandro, and Solmyr and follows up on the campaign from H3. It takes place in the familiar land of Erathia after King Roland Ironfist of Enroth disappears. Queen Catherine, his wife, is left to rule and wage wars alone, and even her father, King Gryphonheart of Erathia is assassinated. The game has its first ratings arriving on the iTunes App Store. Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos iOS so far has 4.9 stars out of several votes, with people seeming generally content with what Ubisoft’s done.

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport

Coming from the renowned TOCA series, Codemasters’ GRID Autosport is the latest and best installment so far. These games are all well-received as a general rule and the only thing that changes with time is that they add a little more features, more iconic cars, and make the game look a bit better. Codemasters also bought Slightly Mad Studios last week, which is known for Need for Speed and Project CARS games. It appears that they are slowly but surely taking over the monopoly on making good racers.

This game originally came out in 2014 and its versions available now are Grid Autosport Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch. The TOCA series is almost entirely published and developed by Codemasters and while they originally focused on touring car racing, the game eventually grew into a wide variety of motorsport subgenres.

On Google Play, Grid Autosport Android already has a 4.6-star score and its download count is growing by the minute. On the iTunes App Store, the game was released two years prior and is #10 in racing, with 4.1 stars, and published by Feral Interactive Ltd, who handled the Android publishing as well.

Football Manager 2020


Coming from the creators of the original Championship Manager PC games in the ‘90s, Football Manager 2020 Mobile is already growing its player base like crazy. Also dubbed FM20, this title brings the freshest player database with teams from all walks of the world football scene, but it also enhances the entire experience with some in-depth coaching features. This game is the successor to the Football Manager 2019, developed by Sports Interactive, a prominent British studio best known for this series.

This latest title is released in three different versions. The one titled Football Manager 2020 is built for PC, FM20 Touch is for both PC and mobile but it represents a reduced version of the original with gameplay more focused on matches, and the Football Manager 2020 Mobile is solely for mobile. Also important to note is that the game found its way to the twenty or so titles available at Google Stadia Launch.

On Google Play, FM20 mobile Android has a rating of 3.6 stars from just over 1.6k votes, too little to be a representative sample. On the iTunes App Store, Football Manager 2020 mobile iOS version has a much better score of 4.8 stars, but an even smaller voting pool. However, it did reach #3 in the Sports category.

Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers is a tactical RPG mobile game, eagerly awaited for two years. It is developed by Epic Games and the game had a soft launch in 2017, for selected countries only, before finally coming to both Android and iOS stores this November. On App Store Battle Breakers currently has 4.4 out of 5 stars with around 1.4k ratings.

As a tactical RPG, the game thrives most on a hero-collector feature, but also has a peculiar battle system. The entire battle is done via clicking on crystals, which are then removed and reveal what is behind them, like items, monsters, buffs, and similar stuff. It sounds kind of strange, but when you try it, you will see that it will sink in its hooks of satisfaction deep into your soul. 

Frozen Adventures

Frozen Adventures

Coming together with Frozen 2, Frozen Adventures mobile game is the supporting fun content meant to promote the animated movie and expand the experience. It is the latest project released by Jam City, the acclaimed developer behind many successful video games in the past. The game also has the Disney stamp on it, meaning that it contains licensed characters and story from the acclaimed animated movies.

Frozen Adventures is a match-3 style game, similar to Cookie Jam, but aside the fact that it also has Disney universe featured in it, it thrives on the company’s experience with building snappy and easy-to-pick-up gameplay. On Google Play, Disney Frozen Adventures – New Match 3 Game currently has a 4.2-star rating out of just over 7k votes. On the iTunes App Store, however, the game has kicked the doors in with a 4.9-star rating out of 600 votes and is currently #10 in Family.