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Triviatopia is here – animated series based on Trivia Crack games

Etermax, one of the leading social game developers and the makers of Trivia Crack games, decided to create Triviatopia – the animated series featuring some of their iconic characters. For those that are not aware of it, Etermax was founded in 2009 in Argentina, and ever since, it’s been pretty much the fastest growing video game development company in the region. Other than worldwide famous Trivia Crack games, they are also well known for their other titles, Aworded Crack (most downloaded game of all time in Spain) and PictionaryTM. Worldwide, their games have been downloaded over 700 million times, which is an enormous success itself. Now, they are creating a fun, educational, and entertaining animated series featuring some of the beloved characters from Trivia Crack games.

Triviatopia premiered on Youtube and Youtube Kids on September 12, 2019. The first four episodes are already available, and there are many more to come. These short episodes are aimed to educate and entertain primarily the younger audience, and they do so in an incredibly fun and exciting way. The series features fun and interesting characters:


  • Tina – an inspiring character representing art and creativity
  • Hector – brave knight on a quest to teach you the history

Triviatopia 2

  • Pop – fabulous influencer and trendsetter
  • Bonzo – cheerful and sporty character
  • Tito – lovable character representing geography
  • Alison – smart and knowledgable character representing science

Triviatopia 1

Together, this charming bunch will do their best to educate the audience in a fun and entertaining way. The series contains 20 animated shorts featuring a catchy theme song, created and sang (in the English version) by multi-Grammy winning and Emmy nominated songwriter, composer, producer, and musician Jared Faber. Without a doubt, Triviatopia will be a great way to educate the younger audience and motivate them to learn.