Venom 2 Coming In 2020

Venom 2 has been confirmed

Despite numerous licks that it has been continuously receiving from the overzealous movie critics, Venom had met with almost unanimous approval from the audience worldwide. Among all the different superhero flicks, Sony’s dark horse had managed to earn a whopping $855.6 million USD (and counting!), which makes it one of the highest grossing movies in the recent history. For several months there had been different speculations about the possible sequel, and whether fans will be able to enjoy another adventure of Eddie Brock and his face-eating parasitical alter-ego. Thankful for all devoted Venom fans, it has officially been confirmed that this symbiotic dynamic duo will see the light of the day in (at least) another feature movie. Some sources even claim that phenomenal Tom Hardy had signed up for three Venom movies, which implies that, if everything goes as it should, we can even hope for a trilogy.

Tom Hardy As Venom Again

Jeff Pinkner, a co-writer of the first Venom movie had confirmed these glad tidings during an interview, stating “I can’t say anything other than that it is happening.” To most Venom fans this would be more than enough, but Pinker had even more good news concerning Venom’s nemesis and our favorite friendly neighborhood superhero.  “Without revealing anything that I’m not supposed to reveal, it is not impossible a future, slash upcoming Venom movie Spider-Man will play a significant role… I think it’s fair to say that everyone involved would be very excited by a Spider-Man/Venom movie.” Of course, whether it will be a full-fledged role or just a cameo, it remains to be seen.

Carnage New Villain

Although it’s obviously too early to speculate about the plot of the upcoming Venom sequel, we know that in addition to Hardy and (most likely) Michelle Williams as  Annie Weyning, Eddie Brock’s on-screen girlfriend, Woody Harrelson will reprise his brief role as Cletus Kassidy, which hints that we may enjoy in the clash between Venom and his offspring Carnage.

The date for Venom sequel hasn’t been specified yet. However, Sony has announced a couple of major projects for 2020, including something they described as “Untitled Sony/Marvel Sequel”, which in all likelihood could be Venom 2. So, if you need something to look forward to, October 2, 2020, is your best bet.