Viggo Mortensen Has Tips for New Aragorn

Viggo Mortensen Has Tips for New Aragorn

There is a lot of attention on the Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series and that certainly won’t stop anytime soon. The freshest story regards the original fan-adored Aragorn Viggo Mortensen and whoever will play him in the new project. Namely, Mortensen has an excellent advice for new Strider and that’s: “Read the books.”

The rumor mill says that LOTR TV show will in part focus on young Aragorn which means that the character will be in the center of the story yet again. That is a huge responsibility especially since Mortensen did a great and for many of us the best job ever in Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy.

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In an interview he gave to Collider, Viggo Mortensen said he didn’t see Amazon’s scripts but he sure had a really useful advice for his colleague that will play the part of Aragorn. Besides advising the future Ranger to read the books, he also highlighted that it’s important to be very thorough by reading other relating literature as well. He suggested Nordic sagas that probably inspired Tolkien’s work like Volsunga and Sigurd the Dragon Slayer. Besides reading, Mortensen also recommended movies by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa which are worldwide cinema classics.

When Viggo Mortensen was hired for the part of Aragorn, he was actually a last minute replacement of Stuart Townsend who had creative differences with the producers and left the project sometime before the filming. He had to learn a lot on the fly and the fact that he didn’t read the book before signing the contract was making everything harder. But thanks to his son, he not only decided to take the part but also gave life to this iconic literary character who is important to many people’s lives.

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“My son was really into me doing it, and he was 11 at the time, and that kind of pushed me over the edge to say, ‘Yeah, okay,’” said Mortensen. “And obviously I’m glad I did it. It opened a lot of doors for me, and we had a lot of fun making those three movies. But it’s not ideal. I sometimes have said no because I’m not gonna be able to do justice to it.”

Amazon is making multiple seasons out of Tolkien’s masterpiece and is going to produce them together with Tolkien Estate, New Line Cinema, and HarperCollins. The story is still kept as a secret, however, we know it takes place in Middle-earth and will deal with storylines before The Fellowship of the Ring. The writers are inexperienced, although Game of Thrones creators didn’t have any experience as well.

Based on reports, Amazon and LOTR rights holders have signed a contract that says the show must go into production in the next two years. Amazon is spending $1 billion on production so that not only makes this project huge but also gives a lot of opportunities to the creators. Hopefully, we will soon know the names of the actors since that is a burning question gnawing on many fans’ minds right now.