Thursday, November 22

War Heroes

War Heroes developed by the Hong Kong-based studio Fun Games For Free will surely be an interesting game for those who enjoy good old-fashioned battles.   

As a fast-paced brawler, War Heroes uses collectible cards for gameplay and tactical planning of attacks. This is a multiplayer game available on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store that allows you to play against opponents in the real-time battles. Although not specified in the game, the overall feel and look resemble World War II, and some of the famous battlefields from this period of history are featured in the game - like Normandy, Omaha Beach, Leningrad, and Iwo Jima. 

When it comes to getting gold, gems, and cards that you can use to buy things at the store, you need crates. You can earn them in battle but you will need to unlock them which will either take your time if you are patient or gems to speed up the process. However, you can't hold more than four crates with you and you can unlock them one at a time. Keep this in mind, since if you win and all your crate slots are full, you won't get a new one. Also, crates hold cards which can help you win the battles and level up, so opening them up can actually bring you closer to victory.

Another important thing in War Heroes is a bunker. It's pretty simple really; if your enemies destroy it, you lose the battle. The same applies to you if you destroy your enemy's bunker, not only will they lose, but you will receive three badges as well. The Bunker is considered a building and has a cannon for defense which means it can fire at air and ground troops. Nonetheless, this is not enough to keep it standing so make sure to plan a strong defense if you don’t want to lose the game.

You play as the Commander whose goal is to get more badges than the enemy in order to win the battle. This means you have to destroy the trench, the bunker and the small bunker of your opponents, although by just destroying the bunker you will win the whole battle. If you win a match, you earn medals and those are needed to unlock new Warzones. War Heroes has a Sudden Death mode which starts after two and a half minutes of gameplay. At that time, all buildings are under constant damage and the moment the first one falls, the opponent wins.

This all may sound complicated, but War Heroes is actually easy to get into and fun to play. Don't get fooled by the almost cartoonish art, since this is quite a challenging game especially if you battle an experienced opponent. You will need some strategizing to outsmart your enemies and patience, since it will take time to level up, like in most free-to-play games. Some find that off-putting, but it’s worth your time since this is a nice casual game that you can play basically anywhere. Just stay focused and don’t forget to protect your bunker, as well as to give a headache to your opponent.

So, if you are tired of those serious war games full of violence and want to test your tactical skills, War Heroes is definitely your forte. Just stay sharp, plan your attacks and pay attention to how you use your cards. Go for that bunker, that is, for the win!