Waven released its first Alpha


The story about The World of Twelve has been unfolding for more than 15 years. That world is a scenery for the Ankama games, which heroes survive many dangers and perils. First, there was a DOFUS era, which was deemed the Golden Age and defined by the hunt for dragon eggs. Then the WAKFU era followed (the most famous among a broader audience, thanks to the animated TV show), an age filled with hope following the terrible chaos. The planet has been thrown in a survival era, thanks to the rising waters that threaten the very existence of life on the entire planet. And that’s where WAVEN begins.

The third major installment in the story of Ankama has got the first closed Alpha Testing. More than 1000 carefully picked players have been trying out the game by battling 1 on 1 in the first version of the game. By the way, the alpha testing is in French.

waven alpha

Antony Roux, better known as Tot, CEO of Ankama said that “it’s time for the first assessment of WAVEN. We’ve worked hard, made progress, and we’re now offering you what we think is a nice 1v1 combat mode. At the same time, we’re still looking critically at our work because, ultimately, despite all our efforts, we don’t know if it’s good.”

waven alpha

Over the upcoming weeks, the third installment of Ankama games is going through the initial testing. The smooth launch and the first reactions in the forms made the team happy. This is the first important step before the game is released in 2020, and it is followed by the launch of the official WAVEN website www.waven-game.com.

The goal of this first closed alpha is to hear players feedback and make any necessary corrections according to it. Let’s hope that Ankama will make another amazing adventure in The World of Twelve.