Final Fantasy 7 Remake

We finally got a Final Fantasy VII trailer!

Square Enix, the developer and publisher behind the Final Fantasy franchise has unveiled the Final Fantasy VII remake trailer. This title was announced three and a half years ago, in 2015, and it’s been eagerly awaited by all the fans and gamers worldwide. The game is long in the works, which promises FInal Fantasy 7 remake will be every bit as epic as other titles in the franchise.

The remake of the fan favorite Final Fantasy VII RPG classic was initially expected to arrive on PS4, as Square Enix announced in E3 in 2015. The fans then only got a vague trailer that showed nothing of the actual game because they had nothing presumably. Last year, we had some tangible stuff shown just to keep us calf for a little bit longer and we had our first Final Fantasy VII remake gameplay footage.

Since then, the announcements have become somewhat unclear and hard to keep track of. The 2018’s E3 was dedicated to reassuring the fans Final Fantasy 7 remake is happening. And, now, the upcoming 2019 E3 will be completely Final Fantasy themed, along with a music concert and, we hope, the big reveal. Final Fantasy VII remake is expected to be released on the date of the upcoming E3, that’s on June 11, 2019.