Witcheye Review

Witcheye Review

These days, mobile gaming industry is heavily leaning towards multiplayer games. Whether these are some city-building games, strategies, mobas, or even some casual card games, each of them has one thing in common and that’s multiplayer. Still, while most of the games follow this standard of competitive multiplayer in one form or another, there are also the titles focused on delivering a memorable single-player experience. One such game is Witcheye, a retro-style platformer with quite unique and unorthodox gameplay mechanics.

Witcheye Tutorial 1

Development and reception

Witcheye was published by Devolver Digital, a company well-known for publishing Indie games. This company was founded back in 2009, and ever since, they published some very well known games including several Serious Sam titles, Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior, and many others. Recently, their newest title, Witcheye, was released for Android and iOS on August 15th, 2019. Currently (August 20th), on Google Play, Witcheye has over 1000 installs and an average rating of 4.6 stars with 80+ reviews. On App Store, Witcheye currently has 4.7 user score with 30+ reviews. It’s also worth mentioning that Witcheye is a paid game, and it currently costs 2.99 USD in both stores. When you consider the fact that this game has to offer over 50+ levels with a ton of replay value, it has a very high value for money.

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The story of Witcheye is fairly simple and straightforward. The wise wizard Senexis has sent a brave knight to retrieve the treasures of witch Mabel who lives over the deepest ocean in a cave within a dark forest. In exchange, the wizard promised to grant great power to the knight, who boldly accepts this quest and heads to the witch’s lair. After locating it, the knight steals witch’s treasures and ingredients, and infuriated by this, she sets on a mission to follow him and reclaim her possessions. Using her crafty magic, the witch turns into the flying eyeball, and thus, the adventure begins.

Witcheye Story


Witcheye is classified as a platformer but is nothing like the usual platforming games. The gameplay of Witcheye is very simple and easy to understand. You can control the floating eye by swiping anywhere on the screen. Doing that will cause the eye to fly in the direction of the swipe. While flying, interacting with any obstacle will bounce the eye off of it. You can stop the eye from moving simply by tapping anywhere on the screen, which will keep it still until you swipe the screen to move it again.

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While playing, you will encounter various enemies, each possessing different abilities and weaknesses. In general, you eliminate enemies simply by colliding with them. However, you still need to be aware of their abilities while doing so. For example, some candle-like enemies will occasionally be able to set themselves on fire, and colliding with them will cause you to take damage, so you’ll need to wait until their fire extinguishes before taking them out. 

Also, it is worth noting that some levels contain boss-type enemies. These are much tougher than regular enemies and they possess a much wider array of special moves and abilities, and some of them can be quite challenging. Thankfully, pretty much all of the bosses are designed fairly well, and in most cases, it is clear when you have an opening to attack and when you need to avoid their abilities. In general, there is a learning curve for each of the bosses, but it won’t take you long to figure them out. 

Witcheye Boss

Other than that, each level contains a certain number of treasures you can collect. There is an indicator on the bottom right part of the screen, so you’ll easily be able to track the number of treasures you collect in each level. Some of these will drop from certain enemies you defeat, while some are well hidden, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for them. 


Witcheye’s graphics are very much old-school retro style. Everything is pixelated, and the general vibe of the game is the same as the old school 8-bit titles. Still, this is very much a good thing, and it gives Witcheye a special feel. Despite being pixelated, graphics are remarkably well done, and nicely detailed while still keeping that retro vibe. Also, the effects and animations complement that retro-feel nicely, which is another bonus. If you enjoy playing old-school retro games, you’ll definitely love Witcheye’s art style.

Witcheye Gameplay


This is one of the most important things about Witcheye. Once you step into the game world, you’ll instantly get hooked, and you’ll feel the urge to progress through the levels. Also, the sense of accomplishment when you finish the level with all treasures collected is really good, and the developers really nailed that one. Even if you miss some of the treasures, you will be able to replay the levels, and since most of them are quite short, it won’t feel too frustrating or boring. 

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The soundtrack for Witcheye is very well done. You will instantly notice that while the music certainly has that retro vibe to it, the quality of the soundtrack is way above the 8-bit era, which is understandable, and a good thing, to be honest. Both the sound effects and the music fit amazingly well with the whole pixelated art, and you’ll more than likely find it enjoyable.


All in all, Witcheye is an amazing platformer that differentiates from the typical platformers in a very good way. If you like platforming games, or you are a fan of retro games, or if you simply want to try something new and different, you should give it a try. It will offer you many hours of fun and entertainment, and given the price tag of 2.99 USD, it is basically a steal. Kudos to developers for making this one, well done!

Witcheye Review



All in all, Witcheye is an amazing platformer that differentiates from the typical platformers in a very good way. If you like platforming games, or you are a fan of retro games, or if you simply want to try something new and different, you should give it a try.

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