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WoW Classic Proves Less is More!

Wow Classic, 15 years old and restarting the epic journey all over again, much to the delight of the numerous fans. If you’ve had a taste of the new old game for even a little bit, you know the community is back! However, you’ve also probably tasted the old queue launch day problems…if by day we mean seven days and counting. But, people don’t seem to mind and certainly, things are improving even on that front.

WoW Classic 2

What WoW Classic brings is an authentic experience of the game’s most completed version of 1.13.2, of course with some modern tweaks. And, we got to admit, we are grateful to Blizzard for choosing to add layers to the same server. Waiting to kill a single mob boss with other 30k people is not fun, so the layering did improve much on that part, but still keeping the original Vanilla experience intact, for it’s still a bit crowded for every quest. Now, we see people grouping up to do plain questing, not to mention mob bosses, and low-level dungeons actually require you to know tactics and use your character to the best of your ability.

WoW Classic 3

As the retail version evolved through these past 15 years, the developers tried to accommodate a wider audience and keep up with increasing innovations in the gaming industry. This meant shifting the game in such a way that it would ask less and less from the player. But, this quickly got out of hand and turned the game into a big chore and nothing more.

And, now, by removing all those ‘conveniences’ we get back to the bare-knuckle game as it was back in vanilla, and the feeling is epic! Everything you do in-game now requires your attention, and this is not making it hard or exhausting, it is actually making WoW Classic one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming currently, we dare say. Every mob you kill, every resource you harvest, every message you write counts, and the community is more alive than ever.

WoW Classic 4

Of course, this is not our first rodeo and given the fact that most of the people playing now played the game back in the day, it is surprising that it also had a positive effect on the experience of the game. This time around, we enjoy it even more. Some choose to blaze through the leveling process, like the player named Jokerd who reached the level cap in three days and seven hours. Others chill and slowly glide through what is perhaps the best period of the gaming industry’s history.