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Year 4, Chapter 8 Walkthrough is out!

Hello everyone, we are happy to inform you that Chapter Eight of Year Four of our Magical Journey Walkthrough for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out! During this one, you will get the opportunity to show that you are capable of caring for a Niffler. After all, you need Sickleworth’s help if you are to find the missing arrowhead.

Hogwarts Mystery - Year 4 Chapter 8 - Talking to Kettleburn

There is another very important thing that you need to consider, and that is learning what Nifflers eat. If he’s going to be in your care, you’ll have to feed him, and hopefully, Professor Sprout might be able to help you with that. After all, she knows pretty much everything about plants, so her help would be invaluable.

Hogwarts Mystery - Year 4 Chapter 8 - Talking to Sprout

One last thing is learning everything you can about caring for Nifflers. And for that, there is no one better to ask than Hagrid. He definitely knows a lot about them and that knowledge could prove very useful.

Hogwarts Mystery - Year 4 Chapter 8 - Talking to Hagrid

But will you be able to pass all these tests? And more importantly, will everyone be willing to lend you their aid? Find out in our Walkthrough for Chapter Eight. You can read it  HERE