Fortnite… something you see all over the web these days. Even on our website, Fortnite is featured as something which comes almost daily. It’s like a huge political figure on the news. Well, it’s about to become even bigger, because Fortnite: Battle Royale now offers scholarships. That’s right, Fortnite is joining a line of games that offer scholarships and have an esports program. Let me explain in further text.

This isn’t exactly new, but it still leaves many people in disbelief. Imagine, if somebody told you 20 years ago (or, if you are younger, if someone told your parents) that certain schools will offer money for students to play games as… well, subjects in school, what would they say? “Huh? Don’t be ridiculous.” Or something like that, I imagine. Well, that time is behind us. Since the eternal debate of whether esports are sports cannot be avoided, I’ll just say that esports are getting recognized more and more, and they are also featured on TV and lots of bookies are offering betting on teams during important events and tournaments.

Fortnite is still very young, so Ashland University (Ohio) offering scholarships for it can be seen as a good marketing tactic, and honestly it Is. Who cares that it’s marketing, though? They are offering $4k scholarships, which is quite low, but it’s still for esports – some people would pay double that number just to have such an opportunity several years back. I am willing to bet that many other schools will follow suit, and join the Ashland University.

While Fortnite isn’t as large as other esports scenes like CS:GO, LOL, DOTA2, etc, they sure are slowly going in that direction along with its brother, PUBG. Still, they will need a lot of time to dance on that stage.

Video games industry is getting larger and larger every year, and sure enough a lot more money is being invested into these games. The market is getting fierce and pushing a mobile game to be featured on the market with big dogs is costly – in multiple millions. It is only logical that the esports scene is getting larger exponentially, and whether you agree that esports are actual sports that deserve its place in the Olympics or not, you cannot deny that they are getting popular even in everyday topics. When it comes to younger people these days, many of them follow esports like they would watch TV. I think that the evolution of esports and generally the way people look at video games are going to change a lot over the next several years, and I’ll be eagerly watching this progress.