Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Review


Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival mobile game is brought to us by BEINGAME LIMITED and it is a simulation which draws on the Zombie movies and hit TV shows, like The Walking Dead. The game naturally has features similar to Fallout Shelter and the likes, but it seeks to improve on the gameplay and it has managed that at some points. It has scored some impressive votes quickly and even rose up to the top 10 on Google Play, so let’s see what’s it all about.

Development and reception

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival is published by BEINGAME LIMITED and is currently only available for Android, on Google Play store. There, the game has scored an impressive 4.7-star rating with almost 65 thousand votes so far, as of July 2019. The game is naturally offered in single and multiplay mods, and it features a story-driven campaign and fuses several genres, like dweller developing, simulation, RPG, and all that in a zombie apocalypse game.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Survival


A military experimental virus, created for bioengineering, mutated and spread all over the globe. It turned most of the world’s population into zombies. However, the zombie virus mutated further and in contact with various people created various zombies. Some are walking corpses, but some zombies evolved to possess superhuman strength and intelligence. Among them, one particularly capable zombie rose up and took the position of the leader.

Known as Master, the leader of a zombie army is an extremely capable and cunning warrior, who leads the army on a rampage in search of human Shelters where the few survivors hide and survive. The leader of The Shelter has died in a zombie assault, and now the remaining survivors are in disarray. Terrified and confused, they turn to a new character, the player, for leadership. The player takes command in preparation of the defenses against the upcoming zombie attack, and this is where you start the game.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Survival


Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Android mobile game mixes several popular genres in a zombie apocalypse setting, which gives the game that claustrophobic atmosphere, like in the Walking Dead series or 28 Days Later movie. You command your shelter, setting up various tasks, building stuff, training troops, and making other preparations, all the while The Master continues to send threats, bombs and tries to penetrate the defenses of The Shelter.

You naturally purchase stuff, grind resources, make plans, organize teams, and handle all the tasks available. The combat itself is done in an idle environment, with the units colliding and battling until the end, and the player only being able to help out with some special features, like calling in an airstrike, healing your units, and so on. However, the shelter gameplay is the main source of immersion for the player, as you need to deal with various tasks and work together with your lieutenants and advisors, like the technician, the doctor, and other troops.

However, the gameplay doesn’t end there, as you also venture out from The Shelter and try to take back the city from the Zombies. You can send your squads on a special rescue or gather missions. A very fun feature this game has is the handling of The Shelter’s social climate. You need to pay for certain things, but people will often volunteer to help you and you need to keep the merit going and, of course, worry about having enough food and stuff.

Zero City Zombie Shelter Survival


Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival is not the best looking game you’ve seen on your mobile device, but it is definitely not the worst. The environment in which you spend most of your gameplay time is decent looking. However, the characters are not that well modeled, while the movements and the physics of the game are very poor. It is not a visual delight, but it certainly does cut down on the memory space required, which is currently around a measly 70-80MB.


Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival mobile game is a good choice if you like Fallout Shelter and you want a game that’s improved on that take. It offers an immersive atmosphere and fun, continuous gameplay, with a possibility of playing it indefinitely. It is not the prettiest game out there, but it is easy to pick up and offers a rewarding experience. To each their own.

7.7 Good
  • Atmosphere 9
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 8.1