Words With Friends Join Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Zynga is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by starting Words With Hope initiative

Words with Friends, the critically acclaimed popular video game by Zynga, joins in on the Breast Cancer Awareness month activism with a special event titled Words With Hope. The Breast Cancer Awareness month starts today, on October 1st, and lasts for the entirety of the month. The importance of raising awareness and shaking people up to act is important all throughout the year, as the activists are always vocal. However, this month represents a special call to arms sort to say, and many celebrities, companies, and now even popular video game publishers are joining in.

Breast cancer awareness month

The Words with Hope month-long initiative by Zynga is their way of contributing to the fight and spreading the words through the gaming community, which is perhaps not the most informed part of the population about breast cancer. As statistics have shown, the entire world’s gamer population is equally split to both male and female participants, so this move is quite logical and expected.

olivia newton john

Zynga is planning to, as part of the initiative, share Breast Cancer Awareness Month related content throughout all their social channels by the day. The #WordsWithHope initiative will also include many other famous names from various branches of the media, entertainment, sports, business, medicine, and others. Some of the people involved with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month include:

Talia Balsam

Pat Benatar

Sharon Byers

Katie Couric

Regina Dugan


Roxane Gay

Melissa Gilbert

Neil Giraldo

Judy Greer

Sally Hawkins

Alice Hoffman

Olivia Newton-John

Betsey Johnson

Billy Jean King

Purnima Kochikar

Sharon Lawrence

Julianna Marguiles

Deepthi Menon

Carol Mills

Alanis Morisette

Phuong Phillips

Amy Poehler

Melissa Rivers

Janice Roberts

Kendra Scott

Ellene Siminoff

Jaclyn Smith

Taryn Southern

Mindy Sterling

Alison Sweeney

Chandra Wilson

Rita Wilson

Trisha Yearwood