Brawl Stars Tier List

Brawl Stars Tier List

Welcome to our Brawl Stars Tier List! This is the overall ranking for each brawler and doesn’t focus on any individual game mode. We are also presuming that both star powers have been unlocked and that was taken into consideration during the creation of this Tier List.

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legendary tier

Brawl Stars Sandy
Brawl Stars Bibi
Brawl Stars Brock
Brawl Stars Bo
Brawl Stars Shelly
Brawl Stars Gene
Brawl Stars Spike

epic tier

Brawl Stars Carl
Brawl Stars Rosa
Brawl Stars 8-bit
Brawl Stars Barley
Brawl Stars Poco
Brawl Stars Penny
Brawl Stars Hero Mortis

good tier

Brawl Stars Rico
Brawl Stars Tick
Brawl Stars Crow
Brawl Stars Darryl
Brawl Stars Nita
Brawl Stars Pam
Brawl Stars Dynamike
Brawl Stars Colt
Brawl Stars Bull
Brawl Stars Piper

fair tier

Brawl Stars El Primo
Brawl Stars Tick
Brawl Stars Frank
Brawl Stars Tara
Brawl Stars Jessie

Legendary tier


Sandy’s Sandstorm is extremely useful in multiple situations and has a very long duration. Besides that, his auto attacks can dish out a serious amount of damage, and the only downside to this brawler would be a somewhat limited range. Sandstorm can be used to hide and heal low health allies or to deal damage over time to enemy brawlers (preventing them from healing) while making your team invisible and providing them with great opportunity to ambush any low health enemies. Sandy is definitely at the top of the tier list for any 3v3 game mode, but he can also hold his own in Solo Showdown.


Even with the decreased speed buff (15% -> 12%) she’s still one of the top tier brawlers. Her knockback ability is a good counter against tanks and her fast movement speed allows her to quickly close the distance and take out squishier enemies. Besides that, she’s great at Brawl ball (her speed makes her a great ball carrier, while her knockback ability is extremely useful on defense, combine that with a decent amount of health and you got the best brawler for this game mode). She’s also one of the best brawlers for Siege mode.


With the increased damage from star power (400 -> 500 per second) Brock is surely one of the top tier brawlers. His great range, allows him to dominate in certain game modes with open maps (like Bounty). Ability to deal damage from afar and negate the opportunity for the enemy team to charge up their specials on him can be extremely useful. Besides that, Brock has very high burst damage with his rocket barrage and can easily take out the whole enemy team if they’re grouped together.


Good in many game modes. Huge DPS and long-range combined with very good map control/area denial with his mines. Bo should fight at range and keep his distance from tanky, high damage Brawlers.


Solid overall stats, but the Band-Aid (regenerates 1800 health when under 40% HP) is what makes this Brawler very hard to kill. Now combine that with knockback and slow down from her special ability and it’s obvious why she’s one of the top brawlers in Brawl Stars. The Band-Aid is especially useful in Showdown mode because of her improved survivability. TIP: Remember that Band-Aid has 20 seconds cooldown, so play it safe for some time after it activates (there’s nothing worse than expecting the star power to activate only to realize that it’s still on cooldown). Her Super can deal an enormous amount of damage at close range and can be used to counter tanky, melee brawlers.


Gene is great counter for squishy brawlers (like Barley) since he can pull them in and destroy them from close range – his teammates will happily help out with this task. Be careful when using his special, because if you accidentally draw in close range brawler (shotgunner or melee) he will most likely kill you. The magic hand can be also used to stop some special abilities that last several seconds.


Spike’s special has solid AoE damage, and he can heal inside the AoE (with Fertilizer unlocked). Besides that, he is a very good but squishy medium-long range sharpshooter, that’s why it’s important to always keep your distance from enemy brawlers.

Epic tier


With slightly more damage (580-> 600), and 0.5 seconds minimum cooldown between throws, Carl is still a good option on many game modes. His star power reduces all damage taken by 40%, enabling him to outdamage most Brawlers.


Rosa is a very good melee Brawler, but her special is charging a bit too slow (that’s why she isn’t a top tier in our list). When playing Rosa, use bushes (as much as possible) and Plant Life power to quickly restore lost health.


8-BIT has huge DPS that can further be increased (for both him and the allies) with his super. 8-BIT is a versatile brawler that can dominate in the right team since he provides offensive capability and can also buff up allies.


Barley has solid DPS and area denial attack, which works great on maps with a lot of walls. Second star power significantly increases his DPS. On the downside, all of his shots have to be aimed and he’s one of the squishiest brawlers in the game.


Poco is one of the most versatile Brawlers in Brawl Stars. His versatility comes with his super, that can heal allies and damage enemies, at the same time. Besides that, the special attack will go through walls making it possible to surprise and finish off a low health enemy that is hiding behind a wall.


Penny would rank very high on the tier list that only incude maps with a lot of walls. Her cannon has an extremely long-range and can be very hard to deal with if placed behind the wall and protected by tanky brawlers.


With Coiled Snake, his dash ability can reach very far allowing him to quickly assassinate single, low health target. Besides that, Dash can be used defensively to escape a hairy situation.

Good tier


Rico has huge DPS, and long-range attacks that enable him to keep enemy tanks at bay, and that’s a significant advantage on open maps. His shots will bounce off the walls which allows him to finish off unsuspecting enemies, especially on maps that have a lot of walls.


Tick is very squishy, but he has a long-range lobbing attack that is great on maps with a lot of walls. Still, in order for him to be truly effective, the other team members must support him and take out any Brawlers that come too close.


Crow lacks DPS against tanky, aggressive brawlers and that is the only reason why he isn’t ranked higher on our tier list. His special is very useful for escaping the tricky situations or jumping across the walls to finish off low health opponents.


His super can be used to run away and to quickly close distance. Damage reduction from Steel Hoops significantly improves his survivability. Darryl can easily take out any low health minions by using Barrel Roll to either chase down fleeing enemies or get close to long-range brawlers. Darryl is a good choice for Gem Grab (as Gem carrier) and Heist game modes and would be at the top of the tier list for these two modes.


Nita has a solid, medium-range attack, that can work very well in combination with ‘Big Baby Bear’. The Bear can be used to eliminate squishier Brawlers hiding behind the walls or as a tank to soak up the damage. With “Bear With Me” unlocked, Nita and her Bear can be almost unstoppable, as the Bear will heal every time Nita deals damage. Well, Nita will also heal every time the Bear deals damage, but most players will usually just ‘kite’ him and the Bear will rarely get close enough to use his claw attacks.


Pam is one of the tankiest long-range brawlers that can also heal allies with her healing turret. She is very good, but one of the most difficult brawlers to use optimally and that’s why she’s at good tier on our Brawl Stars Tier List.


Dynamike can lob dynamite over obstacles and that makes him a very good choice on maps wit a lot of walls, but he has to be protected by other team members since he can’t deal with tanky brawlers that can quickly reach him (like Bull with his super). Dynamike also has a huge burst potential with his Big Barrel o’ Boom, especially when upgraded with Demolition star power.


Colt has long-range, high DPS attack, that can completely shut down enemy tanks and keep the distance. However, he has very low health and will quickly go down if ambushed. With both star powers unlocked, he can move faster while also gaining a buff to the bullet speed and attack range. All of this makes him a great choice on open maps (highly ranked on the Heist tier list) but suboptimal on other maps.


Bull is a high health, low range brawler that can easily get to the opponents or run away from them with his super. Bull is a solid choice for Heist since he can quickly push through the enemy team (or walls) and reach the safe, while solid survivability (high health + Tough Guy power) and close-range damage will allow him to stay alive long enough and put serious pressure on the enemy team. Both of Bull’s star powers will only activate once he’s on 40% health, making it difficult (and risky) to use this brawler effectively and that’s the only reason why he isn’t ranked higher on our Brawl Stars Tier List.


Piper is a long-range, low health sniper that excels on open maps. Her attacks will do the most damage at maximum range, that’s why good positioning and manual aiming is extremely important when playing Piper. Her super should be saved up and used defensively to get away from an enemy or AoE attacks since she’s very fragile and cannot stand toe to toe against most other brawlers (also, her damage significantly drops at close range). Piper would probably rank very high on the Bounty and Heist tier list.

Fair tier


El Primo is hard countered by Shelly, which is used by many players, and several other brawlers, and that’s why he’s in the lowest tier on our Brawl Stars Tier List.


Even though he’s ranked low on our Overall Tier List, Tick can still do very well on the maps with a lot of walls with his lobbing attacks.


Frank has a very powerful but slow and short-range attack and he is often at the mercy of medium and long-range brawlers. Still, he can be a valid choice with the right team.


Tara just isn’t that great in most game modes, that’s why she’s ranked so low on our Tier List.


Jessie and her scrappy the turret can provide some area denial ability for the rest of the team. Placing the turret inside the bushes can be helpful as it will be invisible to enemies until it fires.

I hope you enjoyed our Brawl Stars Overall Tier List and that you found the information you were looking for. Feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.