Saturday, February 23

Fan Fiction – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Hello everyone, welcome to our Fan Fiction section for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Here you can find the stories related to the game itself. Our main goal is to create a Fan Fiction that will be based on the main story of the game, but it will be expanded to include some additional elements including expanded story, romance, new adventures, and much more. Our primary goal is to release these stories at least twice a week, but on some special occasions, we might feature them more often. We also plan to do the Fan Fiction for some of the in-game side quests and adventures, but our primary focus is on the main story.

The Fan Fiction will be split into separate sub-sections for each year of the Hogwarts studies. Each of those will be split into several parts, which will follow the main story. The side quests and adventures will most of the time be placed into separate sub-sections and they will be featured independently.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery FanFiction Year 1
This section follows our protagonist, Dylan Edwards, through the First Year of his Hogwarts studies. It is loosely based on the main story of the game, but some elements of it are adjusted in order to implement the additional story, new adventures, romantic elements, and more.  

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery FanFiction Year 2
Here you can find Dylan's adventures as he goes through the second year of his Hogwarts studies. Join him on his quests to find the Cursed Vaults and uncover the mystery of the cursed ice.

In this section, you can find our Fan Fiction story for The Christmas Holidays adventure. It is loosely based upon the story of the in-game adventure, with changes to some elements of it in order to implement the expanded narrative, some additional scenes and some romantic elements between the protagonist and Merula Snyde.

harry potter hogwarts mystery celestial ball
This section contains our fanfiction story loosely based on Let the Festivities Begin adventure. It features our protagonist - Dylan Edwards during one of the most festive nights of his Hogwarts life - The Celestial Ball. The adventure will contain an expanded story, some additional scenes and a lot of romantic elements between our protagonist and Merula Snyde. Join Dylan on this amazing adventure that will remain in his memory for years to come.