Wiggenweld Potion

Wiggenweld Potion is the second potion you will learn in year one - chapter four in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game from Professor Snape. This potion will be of great importance for your future duels.

WiggenweldPotion is one of the main potions you will use in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This potion is mostly used in dueling. It is also known as Healing Potion. As the name suggests, upon drinking this potion in a duel it will heal you for the next two turns. Wiggenweld Potion can also reverse the effect of Sleeping DraughtPotion.

In order to learn your second potion and the most important one, you will need to earn 5 stars! This one is a little more complicated than the last one so it will take more stars to complete the lesson. For you to earn your 5 stars, you will need to spend a lot of energy. It is recommended to start this class with your energy filled all the way to the top.

First, you will need to watch and listen to the demonstration of Professor Snape brewing the potion with previously prepared ingredients. The most obvious and important thing is to pay attention to what ingredients are used for your potion.

Your first task will be to look for the proper elements. You will spend a portion of your energy searching for one of the ingredients called Salamander's Blood.

Next task will be to prepare the cauldron for adding the Salamander's Blood. In order to put your ingredient into your concoction, you will need to gain a few more stars.

When you finished preparing the cauldron you will be given the movement path to add your first ingredient called Salamander's Blood.

For the next task, you will need to prepare for weighing the Lionfish Spines ingredient. You will need to spend some energy on the preparations in order to use the scale.

When you finished all of the tasks for this ingredient you will be given the movement path for the weighing process.

When you have collected all of the ingredients and put everything into the cauldron, you will need to stir your concoction by following the movement path on the screen,  it will mix everything up and finally complete the brewing of your first Wiggenweld Potion.