Fire Protection Potion

With all the Cursed Ice going around the school, the most logical way of combating it is fire. But, improper use of fire spells can lead to injuries. Nasty ones. So, it’s a good thing Professor Snape decided to teach this potion in his class.

When consumed, the potion allows the user to move through flames unharmed. It doesn’t do anything about your fear though, so just remain calm and remember that you are protected.

This potion is well known to fans, as it was used in the first part by Harry to get passed the fire and reach the Philosopher’s Stone and Mirror or Erised.

Pay attention as Professor Snape demonstrates proper brewing methods and mixing of ingredients. You might think you know how to do it properly, but a lesson from a professional is always welcome. There’s a reason he’s teaching the class, after all.

Having seen Professor Snape go through the process, begin your search for the ingredients. Click along the shelves and complete the tasks until you arrive to the next part of your lesson.

Go to your cauldron and begin mixing the ingredients as demonstrated. You can laugh like a maniacal villain or snicker while you mix it, pretending you are bringing about the end of your arch nemesis if that helps. However, Professor Snape might not react well to that.