Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 1 of Dress up Time Princess. During this story, you will be taken into Gotham City, where you will take the role of Elizabeth Colvin, an internal reporter at The Sun News. You will get to experience some strange and mysterious moments and meet many people. You find yourself on the crowded streets of New York. A reporter struggling to keep your job. Will you be able to handle the upcoming interviews? So let’s dive in and see what this story is all about. The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

You will begin the journey by opening your eyes. Someone will bump into you in traffic in a hurry. You will stand on the streets of New York. Do not be surprised because you’ve had experiences like this. Try to find some new information in this world. You are entering the period of the early twentieth century. Hurry to work and be late.

You enter the elevator that leads to the 25th floor. Your feet hurt from walking and heels. Enter the office building of The Sun News. Knowing you are late and a familiar voice is calling to you. But you won’t feel good about that. That is the person who ran into you at the entrance to the building. His name is Jason. You will have a conversation about how you spent your working hours. He will mention your nickname “Truthseeker Elizabeth”. Elizabeth will not like the nickname, although the goal of a quality journalist is to seek the truth.

Try to remind Jason that you are an Imperial University graduate. He will tell you how you are still a poor country bumpkin struggling to stay afloat in New York. You will come into conflict with Jason because you are defending your views. Jason will mix your private and business life and you will not have patience with these attacks. A wave of additional anger that will grow is that it will tell you that women should not be reporters. They should be better as a housewife.

Your colleague will interrupt the argument and the Chief will invite you to his office. You will have doubts about yesterday’s article. You will enter the office and there will be five more people besides the boss. Everyone is an intern like you.

The boss will ask you why you are late? Of course, you can’t say you just entered the storybook. He will remind you that it is very important that your stories attract readers because he learned that while he was an intern. That’s why he became Editor-In-Chief.

You will be assigned as an intern to go to New York’s Metropolitan Hospital. This building is hiding something and an intern must be chosen to go and investigate.

A lot of your colleagues will find an excuse not to go because it’s a scary place. You will not have an excuse and that is why you will be determined to go there.

The reason is that New York’s Metropolitan Hospital is not a place where lives are saved. It is a prison for people who are mentally ill. The boss will choose you. One of the reasons is because you failed to submit an acceptable article even after editing it five times.

Eventually, you will give in and you will have to accept the task. You will have to do your best to do the job as best you can because it is an opportunity to prove yourself to the boss. The question is, will Elizabeth Colvin be able to cope with the new task? Find out in the next stage.
Thank you for reading.