Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 10 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, a terrible thing happened. It seems to us that whenever a stage starts and we remember the previous one, something bad has to be said. Stage 9 led us to a showdown between two mafia groups. It is no wonder that Mr. Vittorio Puzo is a man full of secrets. We had to save him so that there would be no more bloodshed. We had two options that guaranteed us two different paths. You only know that whatever path we choose, you will have to walk with your heads held high. New things await us in stage 10. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 10.

The story continues in your room. Everything that happened the night before does not allow you to sleep. Elizabeth was stalked, burgled, held at gunpoint by the Mafia. She will wonder why this is happening to her. But as an avid journalist, you will see this as a great opportunity to write a good article. You have a notebook from before and it’s something that keeps you in the game. Get out of bed and get to work. The threat that Mr. Vittorio Puzo uttered.

But since you are a victim, it shouldn’t matter that you report the facts as they are. To have the opportunity to write an article that will be of good quality and that will be read, you must have the facts right. It’s all something he has to do the next day. You will now lie down to sleep because a new day brings new energy.

You will go to the police station. This is where you will get all the necessary details about last night’s event. This departure requires a special style of dress. The keywords we are looking for are Noble and Perky.

Mr. George Kane is the first person to whom you explained the situation. And he quickly agrees to your request to write a new article. Considering the scale of the shootout at the theater, you will decide it might be better to inquire at the police headquarters instead.

Your path takes you to the police station. There you will meet members of the city police. As a reporter, you will ask if there is any news on the investigation of the shooting incident at Ornald Theater last night. A young cop will tell you to wait to bring in someone who has authority.

You won’t have to wait long. Thankfully, the young cop returns quickly with a pudgy policeman. The middle-aged cop will apologize for having no news. Everything is in a phase of stagnation. There were no witnesses and therefore no progress. Bearing in mind that you are not only a journalist but also an eyewitness, you will have to give a statement. Your conversation gets a new note. An argument will break out between you and the middle-aged cop. You will be sharply criticized for being without police assistance the night you were stalked. Also, this anger refers to the evening when your room was robbed because you waited for an hour and no one showed up to help.

Your anger does not subside. You feel something is wrong with the city law enforcement. Your anger will be put on hold when you say that your notebook has been stolen. There are abstracts for the interview with Miss Harris and all the records you had related to New York Metropolitan Hospital. You’ll be interrupted by a middle-aged cop because they’ll have news for you.

He leaves in a hurry and it will be strange to you. He was trying to shrink his responsibility a while ago. What could have changed his mind so quickly? You bet he’ll sing a different tune when he retrieves the call records.

That voice comes from a professionally dressed, middle-aged lady. She’s arguing with a senior officer. She’s flanked by a handful of sharp-looking officers. A stark contrast to the other policemen. The conversation between her and the Police chief will be heard at your desk. Prosecutor Boseman will also be involved. You will hear that this conversation is related to last Wednesday’s event. You will have to get their attention.

Your statement will begin at this point. You will say that it happened at the Ornald Theater last Wednesday, at approximately 9 pm. Right after your interview with Miss Daisy Collins. Your acquaintance continues by introducing yourself to each other. This is Diane Boseman, the new Special Prosecutor with the city. They will thank you for making a voluntary statement. Get her visit card. That way you will be in touch with her. You can be notified of every detail. It will come in handy when you write your article. A dilemma will soon arise. When you make a detailed statement, you will have to choose whether to say everything or not. In particular, will you say that Mr. Puzo? Option 1 is “Tell the truth about everything.” Option 2 ‘‘Tell the truth, but leave out anything involving Mr. Puzo’’. Remember, this decision will drastically change the story.

Tell the truth about everything
Tell the truth, but leave out anything involving Mr. Puzo

If you select option 1 “Tell the truth about everything”, your statement will be recorded. You will say every possible detail. Even the details with Mr. Vittorio Puzo. The continuation of the story is the same.

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If you select option 2 ‘‘Tell the truth but leave out anything involving Mr. Puzo ”, you will give a statement where you will not mention Mr. Vittorio Puzo. Upon leaving the office, you will be offered by a middle-aged cop to submit your thesis from a notebook. Based on your conversation about stalking and breaking into the apartment, Diane Boseman will be interested. He will come back and ask you about the details.

Diane Boseman will tell you that there is a good chance these incidents are connected. She read the article you wrote on the New York Metropolitan Hospital while you were still at the Sun News. The stalking and burglary both happened after your article was published. You revealed the horrifying treatment of patients at the Metropolitan Hospital. This upset certain people. Upset to the point that they want to hurt you.

Prosecutor Boseman leaves first, and you prepare to leave as well so the junior officer can record your testimony. The senior officer stops you in your tracks, however. It looks like he wants to tell you something, but can’t bring himself to say it.

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Boseman’s words will leave you unsettled the rest of the day. They are still on your mind on your way home. After recording your testimony. Is all this true what you heard from Diana Boseman. Is it all related to your awkward situations? Mr. Vittorio Puzo looks much more than he presents himself. We do not want to shorten your enjoyment. The next stage is stage 11. What awaits you in stage 11? Find out in our walkthrough.
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