Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 11 Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage showed us what we are made of. Stating the police was one of the crucial crossroads of our lives. We had two options. To tell the truth without mentioning Mr. Vittorio Puzo and to say everything without restraint. These decisions did not have an impact on the end of stage 10 but will have in the future. By all accounts, Stage 11 is one of those parts where the seams are slowly cracking. We won’t keep you in suspense for long. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 11.

It wouldn’t be interesting if the day started in the best possible way. Instead, you will be sleepless for giving testimony. Arriving at the office will oblige you to submit a newsletter for Mr. George Kane. You have to seize the chance and ask him for a favor. Ask him to let you visit the patient at the hospital you had previously interviewed.

Elizabeth rushes home to change into something appropriate. The keywords are Simple and Gentle. You haven’t seen Jessica in a while. Dress in something gentle and simple, to avoid riling her up.

Elizabeth wasted time commuting. You have to determine for yourself what the priority is. You registered as a distant relative of Jessica. You wrote someone else’s name to be more convincing. It is surprising that the nurse and security officer who takes your information, will not bother you further. As you walk through the hallway, you will notice that the rooms are cleaner, there is more daylight. Patients look better. Elizabeth was in this hospital a month ago, today everything looks much better.

The young nurse will recognize you as soon as you enter the room. There will be no bad blood, but you will be surprised by the very disturbing news. Jessica is the person you wrote the article about. The young nurse will tell you that Jessica passed away 20 or more days ago. To convince you, she is ready to show you the death certificate. Jessica died from a sudden onset of pneumonia. No one could’ve seen it coming. At that time, pneumonia was not treated with antibiotics as it is today. The nurse was convincing and detailed.

Nowadays, you might be able to attend an autopsy somewhere. If it is for some higher purpose. This is extremely unacceptable in this period. Your sudden arrival might cause a lot of trouble for the hospital. The nurse needs to report this to her superiors. As the nurse walked out of the room and you had reason to worry about your safety, something else was going through your head. The question is how could you corroborate Boseman’s theory now?

One lady will interrupt your thought. This is Hope, assistant to the President of the New York Metropolitan Hospital. Miss Hope is a cultured and well-mannered person. Of course, it’s just a mask because you tarnished the hospital’s reputation in a previous article. Miss Hope says that because of that article, the hospital managed to raise hospital facilities to a higher level with its own funds.

According to Miss Hope, Miss Jessica Taylor died of pneumonia. Her death certificate is just the beginning of acceptance for you. Also, Miss Jessica Taylor’s body is not available for burial. She wasn’t buried. They cremated her, and her ashes are stored in the hospital until hospital administrators can contact a family member. Since this procedure is considered common, cremation is implied if there are no family members on the contact list.

Your anger will have to be brought under control because your goal is to gather as much information as possible about Jessica. At this point, you will ask Miss Hope to look at her personal belongings left in the warehouse. Miss Hope waits at the entrance to the storeroom and you have to enter alone. You learn from the caretaker that Jessica’s ashes are still there, but her things were claimed by her father on March 12th. Miss Jessica’s father is dead a long time ago, according to her.

The caretaker, a skinny old man, gives you an impatient glare. He lets you examine the visitors’ records book anyway. You will see the data on paper. Name: Walter Taylor; patient relationship: Father. This caretaker will say that no one wants to take the things of a mentally disturbed person. All that was left were useless trinkets.

The patience of the older gentleman is slowly fading but must be controlled as Miss Hope is beside you and oversees his every move. He unearths a cardboard storage box from the corner. There’s a dirty piglet soft toy inside. The stitching on the back of the toy is loose. There is something inside. You will find something that has been hidden for a long time. Family picture. This might be Jessica’s daughter and father. You will ask the caretaker if the person in the picture came to pick things up. He will tell you that it was a month ago. He doesn’t remember.

Despite the caretaker’s foul mood, keep trying to get information out of him. You should return to the visitors ’room with Miss Hope afterward. You are with Miss Hope again. Elizabeth will threaten her that what happened today could cause a big scandal. An unknown man was allowed to take over the private belongings of the deceased, but he did not identify himself. That will be a big problem for both the hospital and Miss Hope.

Miss Hope will go for more information but your thoughts will not calm down. You forgot why you came to the hospital in the first place. If Miss Jessica’s father is dead, then who is that person who came and introduced himself as her father? Maybe that person is key to Jessica’s death or with those events that happened to you? If all this is a consequence of your article, then maybe you shouldn’t have written it. Everything is too suspicious. Miss Hope interrupts your thoughts by bringing you a registration paper.

Jessica’s father is dead, and she had a child. Jessica was telling the truth. But who’s this Bob Wilson? You will not be able to contact a certain Bob Wilson through Miss Hope because he did not leave contact details on paper. If this is the person who took Jessica’s things, why did he introduce himself as a father? It all makes no sense. To make matters worse, you only have a picture and two names. No additional data.

As you know, Elizabeth is not from this period. People at this age did not have fingerprints to be able to make any evidence. Luckily for you, you will see a place around the building where entrances and exits are registered. Whoever took things from the deceased patient must register, without exceptions. She refused the first attempt without explanation. Then you will offer her a small amount of money just to peek. You will see that Walter Taylor came to visit on March 12th. Remember the license plate number in the ratite notebook.

As she returns home, it is slowly getting dark. The walk will please you but a few things will go through your head. Lots of neglected things and tragic outcomes that are not fully explained. The police didn’t even bother investigating the shooting. Even if you can get to the bottom of this, and crimes have been committed, will anyone be punished? But if you somehow manage to uncover the truth, will anyone even care? This raises a new dilemma. Option 1 “Crime must be punished” or Option 2 “Believe that people will care”.

Crime must be punished
Believe that people will care

If you select Option 1 “Crime must be punished”, you will find that the police are corrupt. Even prosecutor Boseman can’t change this entire city. You can only try to make these criminals pay for what they have done, no matter what.

Someone will interrupt you in your thinking. This is your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. You weren’t in the office all day and that’s why Mr. Edmund Davis. Mr. Edmund Davis is probably a rich person, and he knows important people. Maybe he can help you. He’ll give you a business card. It’s Jack. The person you need. Someone who can give you some information. But he will warn you that you have to pay that man because he does not work without advance payment.

Mr. Edmund Davis will leave you. He also came because you forgot the hat in his car. That’s the only reason he came.

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If you choose Option 2 “Believe that people will care”, you will change your mind about Option 1. As a reporter, you have a duty to uncover the truth and tell the world. If you give up on this story, no one else will write it, that is a fact. It’s something you’ve always wanted, to be a quality journalist searching for the truth. You must not give up.

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Stage 11 will end with your conversation with colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. You have received contact from a person who can provide you with some information. This stage shows you that the article about Miss Jessica goes deeper than you could have imagined. The consequences were and will be much bigger than expected. Will you see the outcome related to this situation? How will you cope when Charlotte’s interview comes along? You can see it all on our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.