Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 12 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had the opportunity to return to the old place that catapulted you into the orbit of journalism. New York Metropolitan Hospital is the place that ended up in your article. This is the only article you have published. The consequences of your writing are visible today in this hospital. The place has changed but it seems to you that people have stayed the same. Reckless and corrupt. You learned that Miss Jessica died of pneumonia, which raised many more questions in your head. A person who introduced himself as her father took private things from the warehouse. You are left with a picture and two names. There are beautiful things. Considering that the staff was corrupt as we found out, you paid one person at the entrance to show you a register where every name that entered and left the building was written. You needed license plates to continue your research. Colleague Mr. Edmund Davis has given you the name and phone number of a person who can inform you of certain details. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 12.

The interview went well. A few days after the interview you were working in the office. In addition to preparing to submit a newspaper article, you will also be working on reports. The period is without any tensions, so you also had time to make friends with some colleagues. Adams, your colleague who needs to help you with your work, forwards you to the boss. Maybe it’s better that way because Mr. George Kane rejected his articles twice.

Enter your boss’s office and give him your article. He states that you wrote about the building via an interesting debate between the two sides, without over-sensationalizing it nor making it sound grandiose. That is an excellent piece of soft news, according to Mr. George Kane. The good thing is that this is a good sign for you. The Chief of the Sun News was never satisfied with your style of writing.

Editor-in-Chief Mr. George Kane will ask you how the interview with Miss Charlotte Harris went. There’s been a change in Miss Harris’s schedule. You may have to do the interview tomorrow. Shouldn’t be a problem if everything is in order.

Your colleague Mr. White is calling to you. Mr. White is a short, young man with a head of golden curls and a face full of freckles. He bounds towards you. He is the only intern in the editing department and runs almost every errand. He will welcome your tomorrow’s assignment which is to do a new interview with Miss Charlotte Harris. Dress appropriately for the situation. Elegant and formal.

Now that you have dressed according to the situation, you are coming home from Miss Charlotte Harris. As a person who does this business, the house is beautiful. The Harris Mansion is located in a beautiful and wealthy neighborhood on Long Island. Miss Charlotte Harris has her butler, which is expected for a person of such success. Her butler will escort you to the room and there you will wait for Miss Harris.

Miss Charlotte Harris has known you since before when you were in college. She is still as cheerful and confident as ever. But she is much more mature now. She studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial University. She was a brilliant student, and very popular on campus. She dropped out in her junior year so she could learn to fly. Elizabeth remembers thinking that only someone who truly loves the skies would do this.

Start the interview. You will start with the classic questions about when and why she wanted to become an aviator.

Ladies had no place in aviation. She was among the most persistent and received encouragement from several people. She continued her training, was persistent, and achieved as an aviator. She dropped out of school and trained for two years. She had high-G training. It is a workout that causes nausea and vomiting. She had difficulties for two years. She had a desire to give up every day. In the end, she fulfilled her goal.

Her first flying instructor was introduced to her by none other than her father. She was determined to pursue her dreams. Charlotte’s father understood that and even encouraged her not to be restricted by gender. Her family was his biggest support.

She told all the women who read that women have been struggling for equality for a long time. They finally have the right to vote, but this is only the beginning. Society needs to hear and understand that women, apart from gender, are no different from men. There is nothing in the world that a woman cannot.

The interview is over. This is the first time she has told someone her personal opinion. It is necessary to appreciate such a gesture. To make things more pleasant for you, she will offer you coffee. Such an invitation is not rejected! She will invite you to a ball to mark the anniversary of your college. It’s something that will require money for clothes. You will meet great people. One female person who will have a share in the suppression of the mafia stands out. Chicago officials worked with the Mafia to ring elections. It’s also where the ‘‘ Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre ’’ happened. Your new dilemma comes to the fore. Option 1 “Eliminate the Mafia”. Option 2 “Tackle Corruption”. Note: This decision will drastically change the story.

Eliminate the Mafia
Tackle Corruption

If you select Option 1 “Eliminate the Mafia”, your story goes one way. You will explain it to Miss. Charlotte Harris your opinion. She will like that. With your thinking, you will have no problem scheduling an interview with that lady in question. This way they will convince you to attend the ball.

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If you choose Option 2 “Tackle Corruption”, you will not agree with Miss Charlotte Harris. You think the fight against the Mafia is just a hindrance because government officials are in cahoots with them. In some ways, they pose an even greater danger to society than the Mafia.

Miss Charlotte Harris will say that this is an insightful opinion, and not without reason. That won’t stop Miss Harris from inviting you to the ball. The story remains the same for this stage. The choices you make will affect the outcome of the game in the future.

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This is the perfect time to find a date. A charming lady like yourself will have no problem finding a date. There will be a lot of young guys that you will be able to meet. Your interview is officially over and you can go to your office to complete the text part of the interview.

Mr. White, your colleague, will have to decline the invitation to the ball. But there is Mr. Edmund Davis. A young rich gentleman who is your colleague. He would be the perfect partner for Imperial University’s 150th-anniversary celebration.

You can’t call Mr. George Kane because he is your boss. The best option is Mr. Edmund Davis. You will agree with him that he is the ideal partner for the celebration. That is the last thing that will be talked about in stage 12. What will the ball look like? Will you agree with Mr. Edmund Davis? Who is the person you will meet at the ball? Find out on our walkthrough. Thank you for reading.