Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 13 Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage brought us a big dilemma. Should we rely on eliminating the Mafia or stopping corruption? The fact is that at that time both sides supported each other. Your interview with Miss Charlotte Harris was extremely successful. Topics that were current during the interview raised your level of journalism. You received the support of one of the most successful women in that period. Miss Charlotte Harris is an example of how some things are done in life. Things that keep you awake at night and are woven of passion. She invited you to the ball. At that ball, you will have to dress like a fairytale princess. That will not be a problem. Your ball partner will be a young and successful colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. The next chapter is set at the ball. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 13.

The day started perfectly. You are in a room. The postman brings you an invitation to the ball. For a short time, you liked Miss Charlotte Harris. A prom invitation requires two things. One is a partner. This is Mr. Edmund Davis. The other thing is the Jazz Quintet dress. An extremely graceful dress that will draw attention to you. You’ll wear it for tonight. Two important words for tonight are Grand and Elegant.

A car honks rhythmically. Curious, you push the window open and look outside. A classic red Mercedes is parked in front of the building, looking very impressive. A man exits the car and coolly leans against it. Amazing how much you were surprised by your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis.

Your trip to the ball will take place in Mr.’s car. Edmund Davis. You won’t like the way he dresses. You will find that it is not at the level it should be. Mr. Edmund Davis assures you that you will be the center of attention. It’s a bet. The loser has to grant the winner one wish.

The ball is much bigger than Elizabeth thought. Davis and you make your way through the crowd. As you make your way to Miss Charlotte Harris, you can recognize several faces from the newspapers. It feels strange to see them in person. Your evening started fabulously. All eyes are on Elizabeth Colvin. The glow of the dress and the light directed at you shows that Mr. Edmund Davis won the bet.

You will meet Miss Charlotte Harris. It will convince you that the dress fits you perfectly. It was a big help. You will meet Mr. Edmund Davis and Miss Charlotte Harris. Davis will be cultured and sweet-spoken because he talks to a very successful person.

Miss Charlotte Harris will separate you from Mr. Edmund Davis. Now follows the part of the evening she promised you. He will introduce you to a woman who will have a big impact on the suppression of the Mafia in New York. That female role model is none other than Diane Boseman. You met her earlier. Diane Boseman is the newly appointed Special Prosecutor.

You will ask her if there is time for a very short interview later. Beyond her career aspirations, you would also like to discuss the difficulties female legal practitioners face in today’s social climate. Coincidence or not, that is her topic of the speech tonight. Sit next to Miss Charlotte Harris and wait for the speech.

Organized crime is becoming a significant and growing threat. Her speech will touch you. What Miss Diane Boseman will say is what you stand for.

In this campaign, everyone can play a part, whether it’s a regular civilian, or someone with a voice, such as a reporter. In this way, Prosecutor Boseman praised you and made you feel proud of the honored. The press plays an important role in fighting crime. Boseman will compliment your article about New York Metropolitan Hospital. She read the days when it went on sale and you will be delighted because she did not forget your words.

If you remember, not all the details came out. Details about New York Metropolitan Hospital will appear if you continue to research. This is a recommendation from the prosecutor for you.

An elegant middle-aged man approaches Boseman and whispers something to her. It was a sign that he had to leave you. To postpone the interview, they will leave you a visit card. That way you can move the interview and ask her for any help.

It’s time to leave the ball. Before you leave, you must contact your friends. The dilemma is who to call to leave. Option 1 “Look for Davis first”. Option 2 “Look for Harris first”.

Look for Davis first
Look for Harris first

If you select option 1 “Look for Davis first”, Davis Goodwill goes up. You will ask the assistants present for guidance because it is very crowded. Mr. Edmund Davis is located in the southern part of the hall. On the way to Mr. Davis, you will be intercepted by a couple of college bullies.

Colin is a cocky kid from an affluent family in New York. He was the leader of a group of bullies who liked to pick on kids from the Midwest. Besides causing trouble for you in class, they bullied you verbally and physically. His friend’s name is Brown.

The buried memories of humiliation surface in my mind, and you can barely control your emotions. You remember your unpleasant experiences with these people. As you try to control your emotions, they start spewing insults at you, just like they did in college.

Mr. arrives at the right time. Edmund Davis. With a couple of sarcastic comments, he will manage to intimidate the two bullies. They leave without a word and in fear. You must be grateful to your colleague for saving you. He calls your name and tells you it’s time to go home.

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If you select option 2 “Look for Harris first”, Charlotte Goodwill goes up. You will ask for help from the service so that you can cope with the crowd. As in option 1, you will meet college students. This time Miss Charlotte Harris will come to your rescue. She will state that she was the one who called you to the ball. A myriad of emotions floods over you upon hearing Miss Harris’s encouragement. You look at her gratefully, not knowing how to respond.

Your evening has come to an end. With that, Stage 13 ended its story.

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The evening ended sufficiently. If we exclude two bullies, you can conclude that everything went great. You have made new important acquaintances. What awaits you next? Will you be able to achieve your goals with your friends? Find out on our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.