Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 14 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to attend a magnificent Ball. The ball to which Miss Charlotte Harris invited us showed us that in addition to human and professional qualities, we also have physical ones. Elizabeth just shone and her date Mr. Edmund Davis was right. A woman like Elizabeth Colvin has to be the center of attention because she radiates something amazing. In the evening, they tried to ruin two acquaintances from the college era, but they did not succeed. Our two options were decisive at the time. You could choose who to contact first. Miss Charlotte Harris or Mr. Edmund Davis. Both people stood in your defense that night and that is something you will not forget. Miss Diane Boseman gave you a visit card so you could contact her for some future research. The next stage is stage 14. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 14.

The day begins in the office. The article on Harris received favorable feedback. The next article should be about Boseman. Before that, you need to head back to the New York Metropolitan hospital. The previous story can’t go unfinished. Change your clothes before you leave. The keywords are Simple and Gentle.

The day continues in the office of Mr. George Kane. The Harris interview went well. As a reward for such an excellently done interview, the Chief-in-Editor will offer you to interview with Charles Patel. This is the famous author who wrote ‘‘Life is a Banquet’’. This is a memoir in which Charles Patel described his life as a journalist in the United States in the early 20th century. This time, the interview with Charles Patel will have to be postponed because you have already scheduled a meeting with Prosecutor Boseman.

You will ask your boss to take a day off so you can prepare for a visit to New York Metropolitan Hospital. It’s a story that has had an impact on your reporter status. Prosecutor Boseman encouraged you to continue the investigation. If you find more people, you may be able to investigate this case more deeply. You get permission from the boss.

You bid Mr. George Kane farewell and take a taxi to the New York Metropolitan Hospital. Of all patients you met, Jessica seems like the only one with no family or friends. As the nurse escorts you to the waiting room, you realize that the corridor looks cleaner and brighter. The patients look better too. The young nurse recognized you.

The nurse will not be happy because you were disguised as a young nurse a month ago. They did not forget this scam because it damaged the reputation of the hospital. This time you have to convince the nurse to let you see Jessica. How can you convince her? Option 1 (Plead with her), Option 2 (Threaten her).

Plead with her
Threaten her

If you choose Option 1 (Plead with her), you will be extremely humble and respectful. Your excuse will be that this is not business-related because you left Sun News a long time ago. You won’t be writing anything else about the hospital. Your article wouldn’t have done anything if there wasn’t any patient abuse.

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If you select Option 2 (Threaten her), your attitude will change. You will not be angry, but you will threaten in a very nice way that you will publish all this in the next article. With a few pictures showing the condition and organization, the article will be so successful that it will again do great damage to New York Metropolitan Hospital. Young Nurse will refrain from offending you because you managed to secure your visit to Jessica in a very interesting way.

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The young nurse will go to the doctor so you can get permission to visit. You can see Jessica if they allow it. If not, you have to leave immediately. However, the doctors have permitted you to enter. You must be accompanied by Miss Hope, the director’s assistant. It will tell you that big changes have occurred since your article. But then why did you get fired? You don’t understand.

You enter the room where Jessica is. Miss Hope will introduce you. Jessica, Amy, Father. Those will be the first three words Jessica will utter. You are dressed differently and she may not recognize you because of it.

Miss Hope will say that there is good news. The news is that Jessica’s frontal lobotomy has been scheduled for two weeks. The day is Friday. Lobotomy is not used in modern medicine. It is not a way to treat mentally ill patients.

According to Miss Hope, lobotomies are quite mainstream. Dr. Freeman, the expert, will personally attend to Jessica. This will not convince you because you have seen cases and read reports where patients were not in an improved mental state after this procedure. At this time, the mortality rate of 14% is low mortality. Today, that is a huge number.

Additional suspicion will be caused by the fact that Jessica’s relatives have signed a contract and consent to such a procedure. You will threaten Miss Hope that you will write another article about these events if she does not help you contact her relatives. You are not a person who threatens but the goal justifies the means.

Now that Miss Hope has left the room, Jessica will ask you to find Amy. According to Jessica, Amy went to school. But Amy never came home. Her answers cannot completely convince you because there is a big difference in the answers. The moment you were ready to give up on Jessica, she would give you a picture. It’s a picture of her family. Maybe it’s time to trust her after all.

You will give your word to Jessica. If they are in trouble, you will help Jessica find them. Just as you want to ask Jessica more questions, Miss Hope returns. As in the earlier stage, Miss Hope could only find the name of her guardian. Bob Wilson.

Mr. Bob Wilson visits Jessica on the first day of each month. Miss Hope checked with the nurses at reception. Next first of the month is this weekend. There should be time to stop the operation and ascertain Jessica’s condition. You could have stayed longer with Jessica and asked her more questions but you have to leave. You are left with a picture of her family and some answers given to you by Jessica. You will leave the address and phone number of your business. You will ask Miss Hope to provide this information to Mr. Bob Wilson if he shows up again.

As you go home and thus close the door from stage 14, you wonder how you can help Jessica. Will you have to write a new story? Will the picture be enough to get your answers? One thing is for sure, you have to listen to your brain and your heart. Intuition can help a lot. This will mark the end of Gotham Memoirs Stage 1-14 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the rewards for completing this stage. What will happen next? Find out in the next stage.
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