Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 15 Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage took us to New York Metropolitan Hospital. We went to visit one patient. Her name is Jessica. This patient has mental disorders and doctors plan to subject her to a dangerous procedure. It’s a lobotomy. A very dangerous and uncertain procedure in the previous century. The only person who comes to visit Jessica is Bob Wilson. Every first of the month. Your goal is to cancel this procedure because it is not a cure for mental problems. The new stage brings us an interview with Miss Diane Boseman. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 15.

You are returning from New York Metropolitan Hospital. Your thoughts are focused on the new interview. It’s a conversation you’re having with Miss Diane Boseman. She is the new Prosecutor in town. A woman who managed to break into an enviable position. This is not your first interview with such an important person. You spent a week preparing. Your boss, Mr. George Kane.

The next topic of interest for Mr. George Kane will be going to the hospital. He is very interested because the news industry is a chaotic mess these days. It’s good that your article can carry such weight. There must be many places like the New York Metropolitan Hospital. This is a sign that you should continue to research such topics.

Today is Prosecutor Diane Boseman’s interview. This is an opportunity to train as befits a professional journalist. Miss Boseman is an orderly person. Hopefully, something Elegant and Formal will impress her enough for an interview.

The interview is scheduled for 2 pm, but you’ve arrived at Prosecutor Boseman’s office at 1.40 pm. The Secretary will keep you at the entrance. You will wait for Miss Boseman to complete her case. After 10 minutes of waiting, the police leave the office. You arrive at Miss Boseman’s office. After a friendly welcome, the interview can begin.

Your first question will be about her childhood. Beginnings of interest in rights. Both parents were lawyers. Diane inherited it from them. But that’s not why she became a prosecutor. She was born in New York and used to study at a Catholic school in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was a major criminal venue at the time. That was why she became a prosecutor. The law is meant to punish crime. She had the good fortune to study law, and it is her duty to arm herself with it to battle the criminals.

She also says that we have to work tirelessly, and use the legal arsenal fearlessly to fight crime. It’s the only way to win this battle. As a Prosecutor, it is her duty to step up when the safety of civilians is under threat. Under such circumstances, her priority is to apprehend the criminals, uphold the law, and keep order in society.

As for its methods and principles, they remain unchanged. She will stamp out crime in New York, tirelessly and fearlessly. Also, she will not bend to any power or violence, no matter what. For Miss Boseman, this is not a question of half a person but a willingness for one person to fight for justice. That is her last thought for this interview.

An interview is over. You have to pick things up and proceed according to plan. The interview concludes in no time. The non-official conversation continued; you will talk about what is happening at the New York Metropolitan Hospital. After your expose, they shouldn’t be going back to their old ways for a while. You will remember the talk with an old chief at the Sun News.

Memories of this event raised many questions in your head. Mr. Blake was the man who played a major role in your dismissal. You have not forgotten that day. Metropolitan Hospital. There’s more to this than meets the eye. Whatever those changes are, it’s still fishy. If you let Prosecutor Boseman into your misgivings, will it create any misunderstandings? Option 1 (Let Boseman know your thoughts). Option 2 (Keep them to yourself).

Let Boseman know your thoughts
Keep them to yourself

If you select Option 1 (Let Boseman know your thoughts), you will not be able to keep everything to yourself. You will say everything that bothers you and everything you doubt. Miss Diane Boseman will listen to you and send someone to check it out when she has time. Your conversation will be interrupted by the secretary. The next visitor has arrived.

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If you select Option 2 (Keep them to yourself), you will refrain from answering. This is something that will affect the further course of the game. You will not say for your doubts about the work of the staff at New York Metropolitan Hospital. That way, Prosecutor Boseman will not be able to send his expert associate to check on the hospital. Everything you had to say, you will keep to yourself. This conversation will be interrupted by the secretary of Diane Boseman. It is a sign that there is a new visitor and that this conversation must end.

It is a sign that you have done everything successfully and that there is no more room for questions. This kind of interview ending is something that makes you happy. On your way back to the office, you can’t help but think about Prosecutor Boseman’s reaction. Prosecutor Boseman didn’t say explicitly if she believed you. You will wonder what he thinks about this topic.

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Going to your office will be the last thing you do at this stage. You can’t help but wonder where this story is going? Will it have a happy ending? Is Prosecutor Boseman a person you can trust? Doubts are pristine in your head every day. You have to fight with the help of a couple of friends. The next stage is Stage 16. It is an opportunity to continue our adventure. Find out on our walkthrough what happens next.
Thank you for reading.