Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 16 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to interview Prosecutor Miss Diane Boseman. A woman who presents herself as a person who has a great influence in the fight against crime and the Mafia group in New York. Great dedication and perseverance adorn this successful woman. During the interview, you found that the story with New York Metropolitan Hospital was not over. There is a lot to solve. The important thing is that you had two options in Stage 15. To say what you have in mind regarding the hospital or not to say. It is the detail that decides the continuation of the game. This is the last stage in Chapter 1. Let’s find out the details of this stage. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 16.

It has been more than a week since you visited Jessica at the New York Metropolitan Hospital. The young nurse mentioned that Jessica’s guardian will visit her at the start of the month, and today is April 1st. If you visit the hospital every day for the next few days, you should be able to meet him. His name is Bob Wilson. Let’s hope you can find Jessica’s guardian and advise him to delay the operation. Wearing something Gentle and Simple will move the conversation along.

Your boss, Mr. George Kane has allowed you to take a day off and go to New York Metropolitan Hospital. You can get into the building easily by just stating your name above your relationship to Jessica, thanks to your previous registration record. The nurse who received you previously is waiting for you in the middle of the room. For some reason, she has a very solemn expression on her face today. The answer that follows will not leave you indifferent.

Jessica died due to complications during her surgery. Although the success rate for lobotomy is quite high, there are always exceptions, says a young nurse. This statement will not leave you indifferent.

There was a patient who canceled their operation, so Jessica’s was brought forward. This information will cause huge anger because it is meaningless and unreliable. Luckily for the young nurse, Miss Hope will take over the dialogue. Young Nurse will get back to work. A look of relief washes over the young nurse’s face when she sees Miss Hope enter the waiting room, and she leaves in a hurry.

When asked why the employees moved the operation forward, Miss Hope had a ready answer. The patient’s relatives were all looking forward to the operation. Jessica’s guardian has already signed their consent a long time back.

You recalculated that you could help Jessica if her story turned out to be true. But now, you might never be able to find the truth. Miss Hope will tell you that Jessica’s body was cremated following state norms. Her guardian did not leave any contact information, they couldn’t get in touch with them. Besides, this is standard procedure for hospitals, cremation right after death is confirmed. Jessica left something behind. That’s something you’ll check with Miss Hope in the warehouse.

As you stand in the warehouse, Miss Hope stands in the doorway and watches you. It is her duty to look after you. A caretaker is a person who informs you about all the details that interest you. It will not be clear to you when it says that the father approved some procedures because Jessica’s father is dead. The person who signed as the father is Walter Taylor.

It is highly irresponsible that things are given without identification. Just because someone’s things are useless doesn’t mean they’re useless to everyone. There are some private things left from Jessica. A person came without identification and took things. The caretaker doesn’t remember the face. Among the things is her picture with the family she showed you earlier. Save this image.

Despite the caretaker’s foul mood, you keep trying to get information out of him. You have to return to the visitors ’room with Miss Hope afterward. As in the previous stage, you will threaten Miss Hope to publish a new article about the hospital and the negligence of the doctor if she does not provide you with some information about Jessica’s family. Miss Hope leaves, and you have the time to think about what happened today. Jessica’s death is the only thing on your mind. Shock, sadness, and also the many new questions that you have. If Jessica’s father passed away, then who impersonated him and took her possessions? Does he have anything to do with her death?

If only you had reported Jessica’s story. Who knows, it might have garnered more attention, and you could have gotten more clues. She might still be alive. Miss Hope brings you the registration paper. Jessica was telling the truth. Her father is dead. She had a child of her own. But who is Bob Wilson? He pretended to be Jessica’s guardian and took all the things. You don’t have many options but to look for answers further. Miss Hope is no longer of help to you. You have two names and a photo. The first thing that comes to mind is what you had as an idea before. That is to check who all entered the gate of the hospital. Everyone’s license plates can be checked here.

The middle-aged man is the gatekeeper. You will give him a bill in and you will quickly see who the March 28th visitor was. Remember the license plates. Take to the streets and slowly bring an end to your workday. Jessica’s death is very suspicious of you. The relationship between staff and employees is extremely unprofessional. You regret your inability to investigate and prove that there may be something more to Jessica’s death. For the truth that you are seeking, the most important thing is… Option 1 (Power), Option 2 (Perseverance).


If you choose option 1 (Power), you will declare that the reporter’s job is to reveal the truth and help society find its moral compass. However, without the power to back it up, even the best-written articles will not see the light of day if corrupted interests are at stake.

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If you choose option 2 (Perseverance), you will not give up on these things so easily. This option has a big impact on the continuation of the game. You may have no power nor authority, and well, basically nothing to your name. But as long as you persevere, you can help people find it in their hearts to do the right thing.

Your inner monologue will be interrupted by one person. This is your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. You haven’t seen him in a long time so he’s worried about you. Having said that you are still an intern, you received an offer of help from him. It gives you a number card. That’s the number of informants and some people to help you gather information. That is the main characteristic of journalists in that period. It’s a person named Jack.

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Someone who can give you some information, of course. But he won’t work unless you pay him. At the end of this stage, he gives you a hat you forgot in his car.

Mr. Edmund Davis leaves you and chapter 1 ends at this point. You didn’t have a lot of free time to relax. Does a certain Jack help you? Will you be able to investigate the situation with Jessica more deeply? From stage 1 to stage 16, a lot has passed and many things are still waiting for us. What awaits us in chapter 2? Find out on our walkthrough.
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