Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 2 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to meet the person we represent in this book. Gotham Memoirs started in the best possible way. It was an assignment to go to an institution for mentally ill prisoners. It’s New York’s Metropolitan Hospital. Your name is Elizabeth Colvin and your career as an intern will change because you have been given a very demanding and daunting task. Below you can see what awaits you in stage 2. The stage window will display a short description, requirements, and rewards. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

After being given the task to visit New York’s Metropolitan Hospital, you have an unusual feeling. You are not the person who wanted to be in this place at this time. But you need a job to stay in New York. You are not a person who would go home and work in the fields. Coming to New York’s Metropolitan Hospital, you have to ask yourself how does this place even exists? This place is extremely dark and closed off by heavy gates. Only a windowed door provides a glimpse of the outside world. When you arrive at the hospital, you will be greeted at the door by a Middle-Aged Nurse. She will not be generous because she has had bad experiences with yellow journalism. They will tell you to leave the space if you don’t have any jobs other than journalism. Disappointed with the answer received from the nurse, you leave slowly and prepare to give up. Of course, this is not a goal that will satisfy you. While walking past an alley, notice a prominently-placed sign, ‘‘Employees Only’’. You can enter the hospital at this entrance. The problem is that you are not employed. To avoid this inconvenience, you must act as an employee of New York’s Metropolitan Hospital.

You come to the hospital upstairs. There are four small buildings surrounded by clothes and sheets hanging out to dry. This must be the hospital’s laundry area. You need to find a freshly-laundered nurse’s uniform. That’s very convenient. This will make sneaking in much easier.

After successfully dressing up and finding the clothes you want, you will hear several women approaching from the end of the hallway. Take a deep breath and step out of the room. The women will spot you instantly. A laundry worker will ask you if he can help you? You will turn the topic to uniforms but the laundry worker will be ready to respond. The door that opens will be heard behind this employee. Maybe it’s the door that leads you to the hospital.

It’s the door that leads you to the hospital. You will be a little lost but also satisfied because you have finally managed to get to the desired place. Wondering where to start your journalistic research. In an instant, your thought will be interrupted by a young nurse who will ask you why you are where you are because you are needed in Block A. Since you are a very astute person, you will know that the door is locked by Block A. Even though you gained entry to Block A, the other nurse is going to notice you are not familiar with the area. You have to say something so that the young nurse would not call security.

Suddenly a young female patient will be heard yelling. He will shout: Help! I need your help! They are going to hurt me! It is a young woman dressed in hospital clothes. She looks like she’s terrified of something. You will have three options. The first option will be: Ask Her What’s Wrong. Another option would be: Free Yourself From Her. Third option: Use Her as Cover.

Ask Her What’s Wrong
Free Yourself From Her
Use Her as Cover

If you select the option: Ask Her What’s Wrong. You will be worried about this person. You will ask what is happening. A young female patient will respond to you by being locked up, again. It terrifies her because she did nothing wrong to punish her like that. She is cold and hungry. She needs help. At the same moment, she noticed that you also had a uniform. She apologizes to you and promises to be good because she doesn’t want to be locked up. Since this is a person you have recently met, you will trust her by saying that you are not a nurse but a reporter.

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If you choose the “Free Yourself From Her” option, you will be as polite as you normally are, offer her a glass of water, and assure her that this is a place where no one will harm her. The female patient will calm down when she sees your uniform. It is continued that a nurse from the second floor calls you.

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If you select the third option “Use Her as Cover”. You will be extremely calm in this situation. The most important thing is to find out the room where this patient is from. The room is 108. You need to guide her firmly towards the room. You can sense the wavering suspicions of the other nurse. A young female patient will be more careful with your appearance because she does not want to say again that someone wants to hurt her. She’ll pretend to be calm. Stella’s brother will appear. He wants to talk to her in private.

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Suddenly a deep male voice will be heard. He is the brother of a young patient. Stella is the name of a young patient. Their relationship is specific. Stella will not be able to go home until her condition improves. But on your recommendation as an undercover nurse, Stella’s brother (Vittorio) will take your advice into account. He will think and decide.

A young nurse who has noticed you before will call you for help. Jessica Taylor is having another relapse. He will invite you to come to the second floor. But you shouldn’t go up there. You should avoid further contact with anybody else. Take a step back, and begin retreating behind a wall. A sudden movement catches her eye. You won’t have much choice.

If you refuse to help, you will cause suspicion in the hospital staff. That’s not a good sign for your future investigation at New York’s Metropolitan Hospital. This place is occupied by violent nurses, indifferent doctors, and brutalized patients. Get the straps for a young nurse. Enter the room. A woman in a hospital gown is writhing violently on the bed while a few nurses struggle to hold her in place. You should strap her down so nurses could leave the ward.

Give a patient a quick glance. Her hospital gown is in tatters. Her disheveled blonde hair obscures her face. A low cry escapes her throat. Can’t tell if it’s in anger or sadness. Maybe both. A young nurse will advise you to stay behind and watch her. A young nurse will go find Doctor Freeman about proceeding with her surgery. Surgery is a lobotomy. Now, you can read the character description of Doctor Freeman.

Just moments later, a woman looking for a child will ask: Is Amy here? Have you seen Amy? Even though she might be making it up, you could still get some details for the article. Maybe something happened to Amy. Father said he’s looking for Amy, He promised he’d bring her back. This woman is talking in the third person. Her name is Jessica. He has doubts about his father and Amy. The story is unrelated and it scares you because you don’t know if there is truth in this speech. A tragedy struck a woman who lost her daughter and her father. Not sure what awaits you next. A story that is ideal for your article, but you need to verify it.

A young nurse comes and will say that the lobotomy has been postponed for next month. Knowing that Doctor Freeman is famous. But, can Miss Taylor afford the surgery? Since she said she lost both father and daughter, it is a great coincidence that everything was paid for. A young nurse will say that this hospital is run by the city, so some things are less than above board. A young nurse will invite you to go eat together. You enter the lunchroom and you will notice that there is a nurse from the hospital entrance. State that you have to go to the restroom to avoid the encounter. But the Middle-Aged Nurse will recognize you.

You will escape successfully but it will be very uncertain until the very end. You will call a taxi. It will take you to the Sun News at the World Tower. In the conversation with the boss, you will have the opportunity to hear his last request. Either write something good or pack your bags and leave work. Fortunately for you, you already have a plan for what to write. The problem is that you also have a dilemma of what to focus on. Option 1: Tragic Tale of a Mad Woman. Option 2: Hospital, or Hell on Earth?

Tragic Tale of a Mad Woman
Hospital or Hell on Earth

If you choose option 1, you will write about Jessica’s tale of lost loved ones. Something that readers can relate to. After a couple of hours of writing, the boss will be happy with your writing. You will send the story to the editor. It will be placed on the cover of the magazine. This leads you to stage 3.

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If you choose option 2, you will write about nurses ’violence, the doctors’ negligence, and society’s indifference all contribute to the hospital’s crimes. The boss will like what you wrote because you managed to get into the hearts of the readers and thus make them wonder about what is happening in such places as New York’s Metropolitan Hospital. This leads you to Stage 4.

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Option 1 where you write about Jessica’s tale of lost loved ones takes you to Stage 3. Option 2 takes you to Stage 4. Find out what a particular choice brings in our walkthrough. We wish you a pleasant day.
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