Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 3 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to dress up as a nurse. Our obligation was to investigate some strange and misunderstood situations at New York’s Metropolitan Hospital. Before we were expelled from the hospital, we learned that some very bad things were happening there. A mother who is left without her children, people who have undeservedly had horrible surgeries. We also met a woman who tried to escape from the hospital. Her brother Vittorio drew our attention because we are expecting him as a guest in the newer stages. Your article on the hospital patient has been published. It would jump-start your career. Still, a remarkable investigation awaits you in further stories. The next stage is the Celebratory party. Press Start if you want to begin.

The streets of New York are as bustling as ever this morning, even as the spring winds muss up commuters ’hair. Your thoughts on the article to be published will be interrupted by a local newspaper seller. Newsboy will shout: ‘‘ Breaking news! A crazed woman and her broken family! More on Sun News! ’’ Elizabeth will buy the newspaper from the newsboy and you will see the headline on the newspaper.

Your article will be on the front page. Despite everything, go to your newsroom. When you arrive at the office, you will wait for hours for your boss who did not show up. Fortunately for you and thanks to you, today’s newspaper sales have reached a new record. Record of the year! The Chief bursts through the doors and shouts the good news.

On the occasion of this feat, Elizabeth (You) is attending the New York Press Dinner Party with the Chief. It starts at 8. Your colleagues did not react nicely to this news. The problem is that the others were expecting this invitation, but you managed to achieve great success based on only one item! Get ready for this special event. As a reward, you will receive one fashion detail that will brighten up your evening.

After beautifying Elizabeth, your evening has finally come. At work, the rest of the workday passes in a blur. Although Elizabeth started getting ready two hours earlier, she was not used to wearing heels. Something to get used to in situations like this. Look at the clock, it’s 8:30. You’re already late. Strong Man stops you at the party entrance and asks for an invitation card. You don’t have this card but maybe the Chief has.

The next moment is very important for you. Mr. Harris will approach you and ask the strong men to let you in. Mr. Harris is a very important guest tonight. But after your newspaper article, Mr. Harris and all the people in New York will recognize you. The article in the Sun News made Elizabeth Colvin a very famous person.

The venue is full of the New York press elite. Many people are accommodated in this room. Being so close to many industry luminaries makes your heartbeat in excitement. When you find the Chief, he will introduce you to the Mandarin Daily Chief. You may notice that there is a competitive relationship between your boss and the Mandarin Daily Chief. Before he finishes his sentence, the Chief will be called by the waiter. It will seem urgent to you.

As you stand with Mandarin Daily Chief, he will offer you a glass of champagne and his visit card because he thinks you have great potential. You discuss current topics. Your boss comes back soon and tells you that you have to talk in private.

The Chief will surprise you loud and clear: You’re fired, Elizabeth! You will be visibly shaken and the environment will stare at you. A huge shock considering you were invited to a party as a person who did a great thing. The boss will tell you not to ask anything more than to come to the office tomorrow and pack your boxes. You thought you would have a place at Sun News as long as you could produce results.

Suddenly Elizabeth hears heavy footsteps behind her. Even though you have accelerated your pace, the steps are getting louder. Someone is approaching. A gunshot is heard further down the street. To avoid the problem, you have seen a small alley partially blocked by debris. You face a dilemma. Option 1: Continue Forward. Option 2: Turn into the Alley.

Turn Into the Alley
Continue Forward

If you have selected the “Turn Into the Alley” option, you will have the option to go through a small passage in the debris. Remove your heels to run faster. At one point you thought this was the end of your panic but at some point, an unknown person would appear. You are free to conclude that you are in danger. Five days later, on the streets of New York, the newsboy will sell one first copy of the newspaper on which to write the following.

Back to Previous Choice

If you select the “Continue Forward” option, you will continue further down the street. Run forward and question your hearing. Maybe it wasn’t a gunshot. Soon after the run, you will hear silence take the lead. There are no people on the street but your fear is increasing.

Your palms are sweating, anxiety is at its maximum. You will see a man standing on the corner of the street, across from you. You gather strength and clench your fists to ask for help from this gentleman. You will wonder if you did the smart thing of asking for help. He places his arm around your shoulders as if he knows you. It will inform you that you need to get in the car. As the first person to see this gentleman, the moment he addressed you with the word “nurse”, you realized that it was a gentleman from the hospital. Patient Vittorio’s brother. You’ll get in the cars right away.

Finally feeling safe, you begin to relax. Vittorio will act like a real gentleman, asking you where you live so he can take you home. Your address is a park near Wilson Avenue, in Queens. After a short exchange of sentences, you continue driving in uncomfortable silence. Vittorio Puzo leaves you in front of your apartment. You will thank Mr. Puzo for a safe farewell home and because it protected you from the mugger.

Vittorio Puzo leaves unanswered by your question. The question is do you do it on purpose?

Is there something more hiding behind that scene on the street? New York has always been a city where people live fast and therefore hide big secrets that are not completely solved. Elizabeth Colvin is at the very beginning of her adventure. Are you ready to find out what awaits her in the coming days? Find out in the next stage.
Thank you for reading.