Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 5 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to meet with the dismissal. Our article did not go well with our Chief. Many dissatisfied people from the shadows made us feel rejected. We also had the opportunity to meet the rich boyfriend Edmund Davis. Edmund had many copies of the Gotham Times in his trunk and the back seat. This detail was not uttered for no reason. Our adventure continues. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 5.

Elizabeth Colvin needs work if she’s going to survive in New York. But the news spread fast in the industry. Since the job of an intern is paid very little and your rent will not cease to exist. Mrs. Johnson is your landlady and your debts for this month are $ 45.

USD 45 then is equivalent to USD 672 now. That’s a lot of money owed for rent. This is the first time you’re late with your payment. Therefore, take some money from the room you have collected. In order not to be hungry this month, you need to find a job. Dress formally and elegantly for a job search.

The 24th Street has always been a mecca for news reporters. All major news agencies have their headquarters in this street. Your degree is such that you cannot be guaranteed as an editor or journalist but as an intern, you can find a job.

Unfortunately, every notable newspaper publisher on 24th Street has rejected you. You think it might be best to go home, to your hometown. To make matters worse, Mrs. Johnson takes you $ 45 so you can stay in your room. Mrs. Johnson is old school. She does not allow debt to accumulate.

Therefore, it charges you weekly from today. The problem is that your parents called, you have to return the call. You call your parents through the operator. This period in history has been more demanding in terms of calling. There were no cell phones yet. Talking to your parents is both sad and happy at the same time. It’s not nice to hear that parents are struggling to pay all the bills. You don’t want to tell them you’re out of a job. Your mother’s voice motivated you not to give up. You have to move forward.

If 24th Street is a newspaper mecca, 25th Street is the razed city of the news industry. You want to avoid being ridiculed by your colleagues. You will go to the World Post, Big Apple Daily, NY Forum.

You will not find what you need anywhere. You’ve combed the entirety of 25th Street, and visited every news firm except this one, Gotham Times. This is an archaic building that only has two floors. It stands out starkly from the surrounding skyscrapers. The march of time has had little effect on the building. It reeks of old age. Look at the miracles, you will get to the Gotham Times building, where reporter Edmund Davis is waiting for you.

It’s a rich boy who met you on the street after he was fired. It will not be known to you at first. But he will remember you. You will say that you need a job, Edmund Davis will easily refer to you as a stern and dignified middle-aged man. That is Editor-in-Chief. You will meet a gentleman who is the Editor-in-Chief. You will introduce yourself to him and explain who you are and what you do.
The editor-in-chief is George Kane. That’s the person you’re talking to. He will explain to you that this is not a place like any other place. They are different in many ways. They will ask you what principles should reporters hold most? You have two options. Option 1: ‘‘ Truthfulness, Objectivity, Independence ’’. Option 2: ‘‘ Sensationalism, Subjectivity, Compromise ’’.

Truthfulness, Objectivity, Independence
Sensationalism, Subjectivity, Compromise

If you select Option 1 (“Truthfulness, Objectivity, Independence”), you will explain this reason. The basic principle of news reporting is to get the facts right. You must report the truth. You must also put aside personal bias and opinions, and must withstand any temptations or threats from other parties.

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You will also have a few questions related to the private affairs of public figures. Should they be made public for public entertainment? You have two options: Yes / No. If you select the No option, you will explain why it is the best option. The last question will be related to morals and ethics. Must news reports abide by so-called morals and ethics?

You will have three options. Option 1: ‘‘ Ethically Seek the Truth ’’. Option 2: “Make Use of Informants”. Option 3: “Use Any Means”.

Ethically Seek the Truth
Make Use of Informants
Use Any Means

If you select Option 1 (“Ethically Seek the Truth”), you will state: We must not hurt people while searching for the truth. Mr. George Kane will be delighted with your answers as there is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Only the answers you give show what kind of reporter you want to be. You get the job you just had an interview for. You start work from tomorrow. He (George Kane) seems to be entrusting his aspirations for the news industry to you. You, too, are starting to understand the meaning of being a reporter.

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If you select Option 2 (‘Sensationalism, Subjectivity, Compromise’), Mr. George Kane will explain to you why you are not a good candidate for this position. Your beliefs are bad and you don’t deserve a job. With this move, you will be forced to leave New York and return to the farm in your hometown.

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The “No” options and the other two “Make Use of Informants” and “Use Any Means” options will not bring you any significant change. The most accurate options are: (‘‘ Truthfulness, Objectivity, Independence ’’), (‘‘ No ’’) and (‘‘ Ethically Seek the Truth ’’) Your choices decide the future in this city.

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We have reached the end of stage 5. The sequel is stage 6. Thank you for reading.