Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 1 Stage 6 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had great difficulties on a private level. Everything got dark the moment we got fired. It’s not something Elizabeth Colvin is used to. Sudden dismissal from work brought many bad consequences. Mrs. Johnson is your landlady and you gave the last $ 45 to pay off your monthly rent. To make matters worse, no news agency had a place to hire you. The problem is that you had a lot of rejections until you got to the last building. It was the Gotham Times building. An acquaintance of yours from before, Edmund Davis, was waiting for you in front of the entrance to the building. Luckily for you, the Editor-in-Chief is the famous George Kane, a seriously ranked journalist in New York. You got the job because of your beliefs and the qualities you showed during the interview. Many more challenges await us at this stage. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 6.

Today is the first day of a new job. For Elizabeth to be responsible, she showed up 15 minutes earlier. No wonder George Kane has already arrived earlier and is waiting for you at the door. You came at the right time because you have to go to Mr. Kane. It is known that there are four departments in the Gotham Times building: Editorial, Sales, Printing, and Administrative. The team is small but a lot of people have more than one job.

Enter the office of Mr. George Kane. You will not have an introductory conversation but you will immediately have the opportunity to listen to what the Editor-in-Chief has to say to you. It will offer you a very important task. Very important because it is your first task and it is not easy. That is to focus on the interview with Charlotte Harris next week. Charlotte Harris is the female aviator who flew across the ocean. She is also a legend in Imperial University’s Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The reason he just offered you this assignment is that it’s hard to find a good female reporter. It will be a new experience for Miss Harris to be interviewed by a female reporter.

Both of you graduated from the same college. That should make for a good conversation starter. You have a few more hours until the interview. Use this time to explore. Your task is to interview the person in charge of Sky Tower. Sky Tower will be the tallest building in the Nelson District, once it’s completed. Mr. George Kane will give you a camera to work with. He wishes you luck.

Edmund Davis will greet you on the way out of the office. Earlier you had the opportunity to meet him at the entrance of the building. You haven’t had the happiest conversation, but deep down you think he’s not a bad person. Only the first impression was lukewarm. You will have a conversation about what to train for your first interview. You are going to Sky Tower for an interview. You will need to pay attention to your dressing. Your colleague, Edmund Davis, is advising you. Take Edmund Davis’ advice and change into something Perky and Noble, so that no one will look down on you.

You will take a taxi to the construction site. Sky Tower stands majestic and tall, its peak hidden behind fluffy clouds. To enter the Sky Tower building, you have to cut through the construction site to get to the entrance. On your way to the entrance, you will be stopped by Strong Man. A person who guards the area around a building. You will introduce yourself and say why you are where you are. And a skinny man will stand next to a strong man, wondering why such a beautiful person works as a reporter. This kind of behavior will be unacceptable to you because it is not something that a woman should suffer.

It’s not normal that the era’s laws don’t protect women from sexual harassment, says Elizabeth Colvin. After the rude comments of the two men guarding the entrance, you will pass by them and give them an unpleasant look. Your adventure continues in the Sky Tower building.

You enter the Sky Tower building, you come to the office of Mr. Ricci. Nino Ricci is a gentleman who works in the Sky Tower building. You will start the interview by asking what has to be said about the Sky Tower in general. This building is 177m high, when construction is completed, it will be the tallest building in the Nelson District. Your interview will be interrupted by bald man Alvaro, that’s fellow Mr. Nino Ricci. There is a problem with the workers. Seeing your camera will change your approach, you will see that you are a reporter. The problem will arise when you find out that Mr. Nino Ricci is misinformed about the dimensions of the building. His unreliable answering questions will make you go to the construction site to get more detailed information.

Elizabeth Colvin arrives at the dusty site of the Sky Tower building with Mr. Nino Ricci and Alvaro. The materials required for the roof lie in plain sight. A quick interview with some of the workers also confirms that Mr. Ricci is telling the truth. As for the Vosse Building, which is directly opposite the Sky Tower, no one could give a defined answer about the addition of a clock tower. Alvaro is obviously lying. Before continuing the interview, Alvaro will ask you if Mr. Nino Ricci paid to write some things related to Sky Tower. To your amazement, he will continue to offer to pay you to double so that you can support the information that the Vosse Building is the tallest in the district.

Elizabeth Colvin is a person made of quality material, her soul is not for sale and cannot be bought in any way. She reminded Alvaro not to undermine her professional integrity. Alvaro will say that reporters are people who love money a lot and that it is easy to buy them. After the threat that this will not end nicely for you, a person comes along who interrupts all this. This conversation can go far, fortunately for everyone present, the conversation is interrupted because the boss arrives. The boss is Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You had a chance to meet him the night he rescued you and tied you up at home.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo is a person who makes important decisions in this business. They will allow the Vosse Building to be the tallest in the district if they wish. He also warned Alvaro to keep his men under control. Because he will have to do it on behalf of Mr. Juliano. Such warnings are not pleasant for anyone. Mr. Vittorio Puzo’s threat is very effective. Alvaro instantly loses his menacing aura.

Mr. Vittorio Puzo will ask Mr. Nino Ricci to escort you off the construction site. That will be his last request. Although Mr. Puzo decided to cede the title of the tallest building in the district to the Vosse Building, Mr. Ricci is not satisfied. Later, a clock tower is indeed added to the top of the Vosse Building, making it the tallest building in the Nelson District. Instead of reporting solely on the Vosse Building, however, Elizabeth Colvin writes an article on the heigh dispute.

That would be all related to Chapter 1 Stage 6 of this book by our Gotham Memoirs. Find out in this walkthrough whether this article will be a success and the first step towards a great career. Thank you for reading.